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Beta Release 010 beta firmware

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear NEO U1 users,

    We are releasing this 010 beta firmware for public testing purpose, because we've made a few big changes, plus there will be a week of National holidays coming here (01/10/2016-07/10/2016). Therefore, we can't release this firmware as an official build before our testing complete, which shall be at least 2 weeks later because of the holidays coming. (Office will be closed until 8th October)

    Major changes in this beta firmware:
    1.) Removed Amlogic's system webview, replaced by the official Android system webview
    2.) Removed system web browser (it can't work without Amlogic's system webview), replaced by Chrome browser, you may also install you own preferred broswers (e.g. Dolphin, Firefox...etc.)
    3.) Added an option to choose between video output from OSD layer (current default, better app compatibility) or video layer (better streaming & deinterlace quality, incompatible with badly written app, however)
    4.) Fixed Wi-Fi static IP issue (10.x.x.x type)
    5.) Fixed sound issue of some games (e.g. PACMAN 256)
    6.) New mouse cursor of medium size
    7.) Updated Miracast app
    8.) MINIX XBMC V16.3 app update (Build 20160911)

    Download link: http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=U1_FW010T_20160930.rar
    MD5 checksum: E1985AF450FD8AF89703F0E73F1F0ED5

    Firmware flashing guide:

    Please feel free to test and provide us your valuable feedback.
    For problems not listed above, we are still working on them.

    NOTE: Beta firmware won't be able to update via OTA when official 010 firmware is released,
    we shall release also the USB .zip package as a compensation.

    Thank you very much for your participation and support!

    P.S. Our replies will be limited during the holidays period.

    Thanks and regards,
    Team MINIX.
  2. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    Great work keeping the updates coming on the U1.

    Could you elaborate a bit on point one? Why did you replace the Amlogic webview with official? Is this because of the new Kodi versions?

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G901F met Tapatalk
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  3. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Please fix the static tick/pop sound problem, i know it is a bug because i've tried everything to fix this issue but with no luck.

    Looking forward to the official update, mayby it wil fix this problem for me.

    Thanks in regards.

  4. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    For better understanding
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  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    What is that?? This is the first time I see a report of this kind.
  6. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

  7. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Thanks for explainations !

    If i understood well, if i choose Video layer instead of OSD layer my SD Xvid videos should be better ? (it's actually bad, ghosty)
    My question is : Kodi will be fully compatible with Video layer ?

    PS : Thanks Ken for new FW ;)
  8. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    The most obvious difference is when you view live streaming video, e.g. bottom scrolling bar of news report.
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  9. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  10. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    That is true, Ken.

    I suspect my reciever, i am going to get hold of another one to see if that was the problem. Nobody has this issue with the Minix U1.. i will do a update when i get this solved.

    Btw, i love the Minix U1.. it has everything i wanted! just need to fix this issue.

  11. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    SD xvid videos, do they play badly with system movie player? If yes then it would be our job to improve.
  12. Zdenda85

    Zdenda85 Member

    FW best in recent years I've had different versions of MINIX.

    1. YouTube works over Browser - OK
    2. The problem with the application, which bore choose browser also works - OK
    3. So far, even third acts Bluetooth Audio !!!! I am experiencing a second Christmas - OK
    4. Installation ROOT - OK
    5. Installation: Xposed latest version SDK22 86 32BIT - OK
    6. Android System WebView - the best thing you've done: D
    7. WAU .... FIXED WEBPLAYER ... whatever now it is right DPI ...

    All my problems are gone ... this is now on BEST FOR ME Android device for TV ...
    Thank you for this BEST VERSION !!! Great job and Happy Holidays :)
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  13. Colmas

    Colmas New Member

    Hi Everyone

    I have had my U1 for several months now, and am very happy so far, particularly with the regular FW updates.

    I am not an experienced android media player user, and I use my U1 pretty much exclusively for media playback ( ie 1080p video, various audio and photo formats). And of course I don't play games or use any other apps besides YouTube.

    My question is, what benefits will the new firmware 010 Beta bring to my U1 media playback experience, as I do not fully understand the changes 1-3 listed above? I already use Minix XBMC 911, and so far my user experience has been great.

  14. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Rule of thumb is, if you don't have any issues then don't mess about
    Step away from beta firmwares now :)

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  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Actually some of the problems you described were not there before, and we didn't "fix" them...
    Now you see better results simply because you've done a clean flash of this image...
    By the way, I see that you're rooting your device, from now on you have to take care of yourself.
    Good luck...
  16. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Please skip this beta.
  17. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Hi skynet, have you tried these 3 sample clips @ fw010 beta @ system movie player & MINIX XBMC 20160911 build?
    Test clips: https://goo.gl/AVPGAt - https://goo.gl/s0va9M - https://goo.gl/tDY5Jv

    They all look good to me, refresh rate switching works as well.
    Use level 1 if you don't want it to switch.
    Need your comment, thanks!

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  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  19. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    By the way few more other fixes will be included in final FW010, including the dragon ball super x265 video fix.
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  20. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator



    U1 scores just a little better than my Marshmallow LG G3 on this html5 browser test.
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