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Another Launcer/Minix inspired....

Discussion in 'Development' started by tampametal, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. tampametal

    tampametal XBMC GEEK

    I have been using this personally on my own devices and thought I would share if anyone else would like give it a go. Maybe it will inspire some different options down the road. :)

    For the most part everything works except "My Device" but give it a go and see how you like it.

  2. cyrusalmighty

    cyrusalmighty New Member

    Thanks. I find these Minix launchers very nice & user friendly. Im finally getting my mom to cut the cable & save some money & this simple launcher is exactly what I need to keep all options on homescreen. Shes used to the Roku with big ugly iphone icons.lmao. Thanks for sharing!
  3. hussHuss14

    hussHuss14 New Member

    This looks great I'll try it out now
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  4. von

    von Member

    Looks good, trying it out now
    Edit: How can I change the weather location & also how to remove an app icon from a folder or rearrange the icons within the folder?
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2014
  5. Gooner05

    Gooner05 New Member

    +1 sane questions?
  6. tampametal

    tampametal XBMC GEEK

    Sorry guys it was made originally for m8 box that has location in mbox settings. Maybe it's something that can be fixed in future release.
  7. akav05

    akav05 Member

    Will this work on the x8 plus?
  8. Gooner05

    Gooner05 New Member

  9. akav05

    akav05 Member

    Thanks, but it looks like tampametal took it down.
  10. jerinidea

    jerinidea New Member

    can you reupload this launcher bcoz link not workin