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Anyone tried USB mic as alternative to A3 mic?

Discussion in 'NEO A3, A2 Lite Airmouse' started by itm, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. itm

    itm Member

    I've read about the A3 going into sleep mode after 10 seconds, which I would find really annoying, but would quite like the option of voice control (I have got into it since owning a Google Home). I was wondering whether anyone had tried using a USB mic with the NEO U9-H? In particular, I was wondering if there was a mic which could sit under the TV and accurately pick up voice commands from a sofa about 13 feet away?
  2. Marm

    Marm Active Member

    Yes I have and am using it right now to enter this text. I have the Logitech Yeti USB mic and it works very well even in a soft voice but does make a few mistakes that must be edited if using it to enter text. It did not understand Yeti.

    Normally I have it connected to the MINIX NEO U1 TV box next to my bed but moved it to my living room for this test.

    This a very large, expensive mic that if in the vertical position stands about 12 inches tall and looks like a radio studio mic. It does have excellent sound but is expensive and there are far cheaper options.

    For the last part of this message I am using the microphone in a Logitech C270 webcam. It is only 720p for video but the mic is excellent and I am about 10 feet from it and speaking in a normal voice. It is less than $50 CAN$ normally but I got it on sale for $30.00. I would suggest you try any Logitech webcam instead of just the microphone alone . I using it with Facebook Messenger video chat as an alternative to Skype as I find it excellent.

    With both of these devices, I am using the TalkText app from the PlayStore and using that apps' on screen keyboard to access the mic as I have yet to find a better one in Android and the Google Talk alone is inferior. There are a few corrections that must be made and I am using the A3 air mouse and also a Logitech M325 USB wireless mouse to help with them.

    I love voice entry for sending text messages to phones for free using the app Text Plus.

    What I like about voice entry is the enormous volume of text that I can enter quickly. I then go back and make corrections if needed. Also most of my voice entry is on the box next to my bed where I normally use just a Logitech mouse and the mic .for entry. I have an A2 lite remote there too but it is useless in low light. There are lot of corrections needed but the amount of correct text makes it worthwhile.
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