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BUG!! Audio drops

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by no8080, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. no8080

    no8080 Member


    does anyone else have the audio drops for passthrough audio, my seems to drop bits of the audio randomly when passing 5.1 or higher channels through my Denon, it only happened after firmware 003 and above,


  2. Marwell

    Marwell New Member

    Hi Neil!

    Please give us more info about your setup.

    • Kodi version
    • Minix FW version
    • How to connect Minix to the Denon AVR (HDMI or SPDIF)
    • It's just audio dropout or the Denon drop the signal (change the input codec back to stereo for exemple)
  3. no8080

    no8080 Member

    Kodi 17.5, it has happened in every version of 17.x
    Minix 007 U9-H, it has happened since 003
    HDMI straight from the U9 to my Denon
    It works fine in stereo, but I get drops outs in DTS, DD 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1

    My Denon firmware is up to date as well.

    I have read several posts of people stating they have these issues, but I just left it waiting for the firmware to be fixed.

  4. cbsmith

    cbsmith New Member

    I had the same issue. Audio would drop out for a split second with Any 5.1 audio. I had it hooked up to my older Denom receiver via HDMI and also to an older Pioneer receiver via Optical. The issue was present on both. I tried every setting, different Kodi versions, different firmware, and different hdmi and optical cables. None of it resolved the issue. I was able to use a U1 with the same receivers and have no issue with 5.1 at all, it was definitely something with the U9.

    I ended up returning 2 U9 and have kept my U1 as they work better for me.
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  5. no8080

    no8080 Member

    OK, I have changed the thread to a bug, as it definitely is one.

    Minix, can we have an official response to this bug?

  6. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    I also have split second audio drops but they only seem to happen on DVD rips. I have a large collection of music DVD's and Blu Ray's that I have ripped to hard drive with DVD Fab over the years. I am now experiencing the audio dropouts on the DVD rips but the Blu Rays seem to play fine. I have a NAD amplifier connected to my U9 via HDMI.
  7. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    Had a play with various settings last night in an attempt to get to the bottom of this problem and found that by changing my audio settings in Android to HDMI rather than AUTO the dropouts were reduced dramatically but not entirely. I have been considering re-instating my WD HD TV media player for playback of my Music Video collection as it works perfectly with all video formats and HD audio (much better than MINIX/Kodi). I had thought the much newer chips in the Minix players (X8-H+ and U9-H) would have been a big improvement over the WD but that has not been the case. The MINIX units are great for streaming but as media players they suck.
  8. Marwell

    Marwell New Member

    i've the same issues.
    My setup is:
    Minix-SPDIF-Yamaha AVR RXV1600

    FW007+Kodi 17.5 (Downloaded from Play Store)

    Audio dropouts every 2nd minutes...it's very frustrating. (AC3 and DTS too)

    I tried shitty releases but the problem is still happened.

    Could you guys tell me which version of Kodi i have to use?

    Any help, or suggestion from MINIX?
  9. no8080

    no8080 Member

    I am glad other people have having the same issue, if you know what I mean, at least it is not just my setup that has the issue.

    Minix were made aware of the audio issues after the release of firmware 003, I am bringing this up again, and i will keep bumping this post until it is resolved.

    All versions of kodi 17.x have this issue, it is not a Kodi bug.

  10. bulluca

    bulluca New Member

    I've this issue too with Yamaha YRS-1100.
  11. no8080

    no8080 Member

    So that is denon, Yamaha and pioneer receivers, a U1 works yet a U9 does not.

    The funny thing is for me, it does not happen in all video files for me, I am playing a DD 5.1 at the moment and it is fine. It must be something to do with the type of audio, maybe bitrate or something they have in common.

    Minix won't acknowledge this as a bug unless we hand the problem to them on a plate including samples. Although I did that with some X265 files that don't work on the X8-h and they ignored me completely, twice.

  12. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    x265 is not supported on the x8-h s802-h chipset

    i very very occasionally have audio dropout with my u9 ( mainly x265 files with aac audio) but if i just pause once and then play all is fine throughout
  13. no8080

    no8080 Member

    The X8-h plus is based on the s812 chipset, not the 802. I am referring to the x8h-plus, it has hardware based x265 decoding.

    It does support X265 files, it plays most fine, but some have artifacts in the picture.

    The audio drop is for passthrough DD and DTS encoded files, not aac.

  14. Marwell

    Marwell New Member

    Now I'm testing the 17.6 nightly release. Keep in touch!
  15. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    Well you said x8-h in your post above

    I also have quite a few DD5.1 and DTS x264/x265 files that i don't experience any additional problems with either
  16. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    Converted a problem DVD rip to MKV and problem persists. Turned off passthrough in Kodi and selected stereo upmix and problem gone.....no drop outs. The soundtrack is DTS.
    Does this indicate a Kodi problem and if so can anyone recommend an earlier version where this doesn't happen?
  17. Garry Ellis

    Garry Ellis Member

    Tried MOVIE PLAYER and it plays perfectly.... Yay. It supports True HD but only shows DTS not DTSMA. For that I have to use Kodi but at least now I have everything playing perfectly on the U9H as I had hoped when I upgraded from my X8-H+.

    It would appear that in my case the culprit has been Kodi all along so I will recant my earlier statement that Minix sux as a media player and say MINIX rox. Now back to my humble pie and Eric Clapton. (y)
  18. no8080

    no8080 Member

    There was no audio drops on firmware 002 and Kodi V17.2 or 17.3.

    When I upgraded to firmware 003 the audio drops started, and I was still on the same version of Kodi.

    Kodi on other minix boxes works fine.

    Something is wrong between Kodi V17.x and the minix firmware, given Kodi works fine on other android platforms, including Minix ones, it is up to Minix to fix this bug.

    My problem now is that I have replaced every file I had with another group release or encoded them myself, so I have no files left with audio drops at the moment, I thought I had a couple left.

    Can someone take a sample of a failing file and put it on a dropbox type server?

  19. Moonwalker

    Moonwalker Member

    hi, i was having massive issues with this box , and i know what i was doing . after all the help i got here the problem still was there , the U9 should not have be released for another year or 2. these audio drop issues were happening every few seconds or minutes, nothing i did fixed them , it also has nothing to do with cables or receivers your using . it is purely the box and whats inside it . whether its Kodi or the box itself doesn't matter , it doesn't do what it is supposed to do . i took mine back , and got another one , same issue. i now have none , i am still using my 2009 model WDTV media player which is faultless. my only reason for wanting to upgrade is to have a box that's can handle a 4tb portable drive and play the latest codecs. i think you should take it back to store asap if u can. i am currently looking for other boxes . unless minix or kodi get there act together then ill try again. so disappointing it can connect to the internet but it cant play a movie from a HDD. Also the video quality was very poor with the firmware that was released around july of this year. maybe they fixed that , but i dont know for sure..
  20. Grimmyn

    Grimmyn New Member