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Best Minix device at the moment

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by tomwirta, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. tomwirta

    tomwirta New Member

    Hello all,

    thinking to upgrade my devices.. currently I own one Z64A and one X7. I bought both of them 2.5 years ago.

    Whats right now the best Minix device in terms of hardware?

  2. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Not really the right section to post mate (I'll move it shortly)

    However if it's Android you're after then the newly released U9-H is definitely the one you want.

    If Windows is what you're after then the NGC-1 or the not as expensive Z83-4
  3. tomwirta

    tomwirta New Member

    My quick investigation led me to that.. however... this NGC-1 has almost a year... is not worth it to wait for some new launch ? In other words, its expected to happen soon an upgrade for that model?

  4. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    I can't say for sure mate... for what it is and what the upgrade may possibly be I'd say it would be fine. The Z83-4 is still extremely acceptable and is the middle ground between the NGC and the Z64.
    If Windows is what you're chasing then converting your Z64A to Windows is easy enough and then just think of the Z83-4 and NGC as having more storage and being a bit faster.
    If 4K media is what you're after then the U9-H is the way to go.

    If I was in your position I'd convert the Z64 to Windows to try it out (it's still well usable for Windows) and buy a U9-H
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    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I agree with Gh0st. It all depends on what you expect from the device however. There is no universal "the best", but you should trust Gh0st advice.
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