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Best Video Player for Android ?

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by VJB, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. VJB

    VJB New Member

    I have MiniX U1 for a month now. I learn new features most days ;). My go to Mvi streamer is ShowBox which offers a lot of movie title choices, shows etc. My control device is a Logitec K400 wireless keyboard and touchpad. However, the android video player (default) pre-installed on the MiniX is a cause of frustration as whilst a movie is streaming all you can do is pause, FF or rewind. You cannot adjust volume from within the player, you cannot exit the player half-way , paused and come back in after adjusting the volume on Android settings. You have to drag progress slide control to end of movie and allow it to exit back to main screen.
    When you come back in you have to "guess" where you were and advance the slide control to that point.
    What am I missing here ? This cannot be the intended control software.

    If I go onto Youtube I can adjust volume on screen, pause feed , minimise player, fiddle around eleswhere and come back in, resume from where I left off.

    Who can guide me here ?
  2. HuangMishien

    HuangMishien New Member

    Terrarium with mx player

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  3. pvedala

    pvedala New Member

    mx player is best for android mobile
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  4. Rup Kumar

    Rup Kumar New Member

    Try vlc player
  5. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    +1 for Mxplayer.
  6. Varsham Sharma

    Varsham Sharma New Member

    VLC has been my favourite because it can run almost any and every video file format. MX Player is good option too.
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  7. litvcom

    litvcom Member

    My choice is Vimu Media Player for TV, support for most common file formats and AFR.
  8. jackie999

    jackie999 Member

    My go-to is the Archos Video Player. I ran the free version for years and just recently 'paid' since I like it so much. The 'library' layout is the best of anything I've found. I link to trakt so that it remembers what I've watched.
  9. NEOFF

    NEOFF New Member

    My choice is MX player, so far not hang and lags,, I hope some controls to be relieve for fine tuning will be best.