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Can the neo a2 lite operate a Samsung Smart tv?

Discussion in 'NEO A3, A2 Lite Airmouse' started by jaime fayt, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. jaime fayt

    jaime fayt New Member

    I cant work it out. I put the USB receiver bit into my Minix Neo u9-h which is plugged into the Samsung smart tv via HDMI. Obviously, It only operated the Neo u9-h, not the tv itself, so i tried plugging the Neo a2 lite receiver into the Samsung smart tv instead, thinking if I could get it to operate that, then I could probably get it to operate the Neo u9-h as an external device. But I can only get the external keyboard side of the Neo a2 lite to operate the Samsung smart tv, not the air mouse side for some reason. Please help I thought the Neo a2 lite would put an end to the need for multiple annoying remotes and I'm hoping I wasn't wrong....
  2. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    We only guarantee full compatibility of MINIX NEO A2 Lite with our range of MINIX Media Hubs for Android.
    It’s not a universal remote, we can't guarantee support for all operating systems.