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Cant write to usb external disc.

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by eli coronio, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. eli coronio

    eli coronio New Member

    I need to do back up to my data in kodi.
    write to external disc via the usb conect with hard disc.
    the hard disc sistem is ntfs.
    i try sevral discs.
  2. Brent Conway

    Brent Conway New Member

    you will have to wait until firmware 5 comes out for this
  3. mcdave

    mcdave New Member

    Also...as far as I know you will have to format disc Fat32

    This is not a Kodi issue...it's an Android 6.0 issue
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  4. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    I backup to a 64gb microsd card formatted to ntfs, using the backup program, that was installed with KODI.
  5. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

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  6. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    yes but if i remember correctly you are the only person able to do this who owns a u9 !!
  7. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes The Doctor

    Yerp, as per @Frederick_99, there is no option (I'm aware of) to grant write permission for Kodi 17.3 to access MicroSD or USB storage to save backup to a nominated user area.
    This is something Kodi has to do/fix for Android 6.0+....some time in the next year or so...
    Tested this on an Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Android 6.0.1 stock with Kodi 17.3 and the outcome is the same as Minix U9 fw004a.. No write access.
    You can select the Android application data folder of Kodi to save a backup, but with a systems development hat on, a little shiver just went down my spine. :eek:
  8. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    The opening answer - should be - welcome to the world of Android Permission and OS limitations.

    Implemented on purpose by the Android 6.x OS to protect mobile devices from all sorts unsavory apps doing nasty things to users devices.

    Kodi media players like AMLogic LibreELEC have none of these Android OS permissions issues and also come packaged with inbuilt SAMBA and SSH servers. You can Plug n Play and do what you want with external USB HDD's.

    Suggestion is to Plug a HDD into a Networked Router and setup a SMB server on the router if possible and then point Kodi at the SMB router/server.

    And yes as suggested ExFat would likely be a more compatible file system when doing this.
    The old FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit too.
  9. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

    My suggestion is buy a NAS. Link a hard drive into a Network router (usb) is very slow (read/write/copy etc...). A NAS will work much better....
  10. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I guess it depends on the router Brand and model!
    I certainly have no issues with speed.
    read/write/copy to a HDD connected to router or to NAS is the same for me.
  11. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

    Yes you are right. Most cheap routers are slow. He needs a good router or a NAS.
    Even so my preference for file sharing always goes (even having a excelent router) for a NAS.
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  12. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    Otherwise get the cheapest AML S905 you can find with a Gigabit Ethernet connector.
    Run LibreELEC on it with its inbuilt SAMBA File Server. Plug USB HDD into it and bingo instant file sharing. It's that simple. (y)
  13. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    I doubt I'm the only person:LOL:. And actually it appears @Cyberman posted, back in April, he can backup to SD card as well. It's just a matter of finding the right path to your SD card. I think the problem may be is some cannot find the correct syntax for the SD or hard drive.

    USB 2.0 averages 480mbps, but it is a solid connection and sometimes faster than a network connection.
    Gigabit connection through router could yield up to 1gb, however, it is is subject to all the network interference factors.
    Wireless, even at the fastest ac connection would normally be slower than USB 2.0, because of the same network factors and wireless network factors.
    Rather than worry about network lag and more for convenience, I have my 5TB external drive connected to my U9 via USB. My videos load faster and buffer better than when it was connected to my NAS via GB network.
    I'm using a class 10 microsd card, which throughput is around 80 Megabytes PS or 640 megabits PS to store my backups and thumbs, etc. This is plenty fast for me for what I'm using it for, and I see little to no slow down.

    Indeed it is that simple. And there are some really cheap ones available too.(y)
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  14. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    maybe i should have caveated my comment !

    I want to back up to my external microSD card where i want to backup to...not a more complicated path that the OS/Kodi system insists on :(
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  15. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes The Doctor

    True, good MicroSD are getting pretty cheap these days, even 256GB ones.

    Just for reference, outside of the Minix U9-H
    • USB 2.0 is more likely to provide 30Mbtyes/sec IO (Due to poor signalling and inefficient USB/SATA controllers)
    • Dual stream 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi approx 320Mbits/sec (40Mbytes) IO (low contention CSMA/CA environment)
    • 1Gbit Ethernet approx 940Mbits/sec (115Mbytes) IO (Cut-Through Switching/Forwarding and that 115Mbyte is source read/destination write inclusive)
    So yes, USB 2.0 is very slow. Even a WD Black in a 12V/2A USB 2.0 dock is as slow as a wet week.

    But all this means nothing as the Minix U9-H fw004a only has ~25Mbytes USB/MicoSD IO so it's all lowest common denominator here.:(
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  16. Rabbie

    Rabbie New Member

    So is there a problem with formatting the microSD to fat32? FAT32 has limitations but on a 64Gig microSD or USB thumb drive, the limitations are insignificant.

    Oh BTW I haven't tried backup to a device with KODI but I have used ES File explorer on my U9 to copy files from my Windows PC to a 64Gig USB plugged into my U9.
  17. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes The Doctor

    Best to use exFAT as:
    a) It's supported
    b) It supports files over 4GB
    c) It's more widely used on modem (mainly Microsoft) systems
    d) If you cough up a few dollars it's supported on some NAS (Synology and QNAP just to name two) per unit purchase (~$4.00 per QNAP NAS)
    e) And not least, because there's nothing better than seeing a 128GB USB Iron Man fist hanging off a $1000 NAS which may or may not be formatted as exFAT...:)
    USB Iron Man.png
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  18. mcdave

    mcdave New Member

    This is an Android 6.0 peculiarity that has this workaround. If you create directories on your usb/external disk to mimic the internal hard drive, then you can write to the usb.
    The directory format is like this:
    Then you can save your backup to the userdata folder.
    I use Total Commander to create/copy/move files/folders, etc. But you could also use ES Explorer.
    This info can be credited to the kodi.tv/forums
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  19. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    thanks, yes we know that, this information has been documented in these forums previously ;)
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  20. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    I thought you said you can't write or backup to USB? He just posted the solution.