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Chrome OS - Cloudready?

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4 Alternate OS discussion' started by Todd Becker, May 15, 2018.

  1. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    Has anyone tried to use Chrome OS with Cloudready?
  2. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    Booted it off a USB successfully with no issues, and it is fast... may have to look into this.
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  3. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    OK, so it looks like I am having one issue. When I originally tried this, I was Ethernet connected and had no issues. However, I have now realized that the CloudReady environment does not recognize the WiFi device. I haven't found any reports of this incompatibility on the CloudReady forums, but I have found evidence of other Cherry Trail / Broadcom combinations that have had issues.

    Is anyone willing to build a CloudReady USB (I can't post a link yet - Google neverware cloudready home) and try it out on their Z83-4?

    Running CloudReady Chrome OS should not impact your box at all, just plug the USB in and tap F11 while the MINIX logo is displayed during startup to get to the boot menu, then select the USB drive. There are a couple of setup questions and then you should be good to go (CloudReady Chrome OS will run fine from the USB drive, don't select 'Install CloudReady' unless you want to overwrite your existing OS).