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does the K1 work with android boxes

Discussion in 'NEO K1 & K2 Keyboards' started by Stan, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Stan

    Stan New Member

    just was wondering does the K1 work with the U1.
    wondering because i says it only works with windows.
    how does it compare to Rii i8+?

  2. Nima

    Nima New Member

    Hi Stan
    K1 & k2 both work well with windows, android and MacOS,too. I`ve tested them. I don`t understand why minix just say it just works with windows
  3. Jochem

    Jochem New Member

    K1 works fine on neo u1. One thing is missing, the on switch for the U1
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Where did you see this?
    It actually says, ''intended for PCs running Windows OS''

    Yes, they will work with Android but one will have to figure out which keys do what!

    If you look at the layout and detail of both keyboards you will see they have no Android related keys.
    I have other keyboards that are intended for Android which have the usual Android keys.

    For example, on the K1 the button with the house icon doesn't take you to the Homescreen but the button below it does. Esc works as a back button.
    The Enter key does not perform a Carriage Return when entering text.
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