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DVB-t2/Free TV

Discussion in 'MINIX Requests & Wishes' started by Schlager, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Schlager

    Schlager New Member

    I would very much like to open a thread "DVB-t2/Free TV" - while in Germany the "old" Free-TV as we now it will be shut down very soon, once again all crappy surrogate technology goes in the bin and that will be the point when everybody with an urge to use simple infrastructure and/or somewhat older technology without built-in dvb-t2-recievers will feel the need to buy a new box!

    So, Minix certainly is the best mini-pc/media box available right now and I very much would like to buy & use it. Well done!
    But it has NO built in dvb-t2 solution (as i.e. in the media boxes of Samsung, or Ferguson).

    I will not excuse myself/discuss with every nerd in this forum why I cling to my old TV/Monitor etc. pp. ... and why I do believe that a setup with multiple Media Players, PC's & NAS, Dongles, Receivers, Media Boxes, DVD-Players... you name it - is crap. I want it simple, and I want to use my pre-dvb TV with free-TV and I would love to have access to all the functions of the Minix - as long as it pleases me and as soon as possible.


    Any feedback to that?
    (Preferable a product hint or release date?)

    (It's a bit like when smartphone manufacturers started to "forget" about the FM-receiver and seem to be unable to add DAB - wonder who bought them off.)
  2. MacB

    MacB Member

    why dvb-t2?
    via dvb-c you will get the best (you receive more channels)!
    better paying for dvb-c and get all you want (additional HD-costs on both [-t2 and -c] anyway).
    i do not think minix can take care of every (national) problems regarding dvb.
    sorry 2 say...
  3. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    To what I am aware of, there will be no Minix products with integrated DVB-T(T2) tuner, at least on the short-medium term. Unless someone from their side would have another view.
    Also, there are no good options for an external DVB-T USB stick that would work fine in Germany (or other countries in Europe, especially for the HD live channels under DVB-T2). There were 2-3 threads in the forum, where few guys posted their (bad) experience with such external DVB-T USB sticks.

    So, you may need 2 boxes, one for the DVB-T2 live channels (that you could purchase from Conrad, for instance) and a Minix box (Android or Windos based).
    There could be also a bit more advanced solutions, like building your own local Head End and use a Minix box as a Back End, for instance, via Kodi. But this requires a bit more tech skills and some more investment, of course...:)

    There are also 2-3 other box vendors which have a DVB-T tuner, but with a bit older HW/SW specs (like Android 5.1 based), you named already 2 of them (3rd one is a US based company).