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german keyboard layout and other resolution

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini' started by likesoul, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. likesoul

    likesoul New Member

    first of all, hi @ all and sry for my very bad english.
    yesterday i have bought a minix neo x5 mini.
    On cover shoes, full hd.
    also in help letter where standing to serve all 2,4 Mhz keyboards.

    now a question.
    is it nessosarry, to use custom rom to reach full hd?
    How can i use a keyboard Targa MK20

    Uff... very bad englisch.

    and for admin. to day i have load (tryed) the newest firmware. it broke for 16 times just on 221mb.

    nice greetings

  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Welcome to the forum.
    The regular official firmware will play hd videos in hd (except for xbmc) but the gui is in 720p. It can be downloaded from the official firmware section.
    There is also a 1080 img which had the gui also in 1080, and xbmc will play n 1080p. Also available for download in the official firmware section.
    I'd recommend using a download manager to download these.

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  3. likesoul

    likesoul New Member

    tks for your answer.
    Open question will be, how can i use german keyboard layout?
    in system will be only android (aosp or so?), japanese an may be china?
    So i like to use a Targa MK20 keyboad (it include a Mouspad) with germany layout.
    Because it is impossible to scroll with it an my wife could not use a american layout.
    (for example z to y) in fakt i need qwertz.
    this particle ist sold in Germany. so i had belived, i can use a german layout.
    i wonder why i can change to german language, but not complete. (some parts will be in english and layout also)

    and sorry for another question.
    We use linux on all computers.
    i saw in forum a possibility to flash on sd card on root.
    do you know, does it work without any mistake at time?

    and sry for my bad english.
    it was a long time ago that i had spoken it and i had to learn (35 years at last). and it wasn't my best shool part ;-)
    i had prefer nice girls and sport in this time. *lol*
  4. pilot35i

    pilot35i New Member

    i need qwertz on my bluetooth keyboard to ...
    AND the @ sign :cautious:

    is there any patch? or simply modify a config file?
    I testet serveral APPs like Swiftkey, i found no way to change the input 2 qwertz

    I can use the bluetooth keyboard (with qwertz) on my Cat S50 Smartphone, it have Android 4.4.2 too.
    but the android on the x7 (tested several versions) does not want to accept that I will qwertz :(