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X7 mini HDMI stopped working

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by __a, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. __a

    __a New Member

    The other day my X7 mini was a little slow, so I did a reboot. After that, I do not have any HDMI output (TV says "No signal")! :cry:

    I tried a different cable and a different screen - still nothing.

    I tried flashing the firmware - still nothing.

    Since I can flash the firmware it seems lite the device is working, just not the HDMI output? Has someone else encountered this? Any tips?
  2. muqaddas

    muqaddas New Member

    I am facing same problem and trying to find any solution? did you solve your probelm
  3. __a

    __a New Member

    Yes! After flashing the firmware several times without improvement, I finally took the device apart to look for a physical issue. I did not find one but when I connected the power again the blue LED and the red light in the optical port suddenly came on again. I did not realize it before, but they were not coming on when it was in the "faulty state". There were no issues with the board that I could see so probably opening it up was not what fixed it, rather just power cycling it until it came back. Seems like a low-level software bug or possibly a bad connection in the power connector?
  4. muqaddas

    muqaddas New Member

    I have noticed, red light is not turning on from optical port but before it was turn on. It mean device have hardware issue.
    There everything okay with device firmware.