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Hi all

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Massimo Ramanzin, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Massimo Ramanzin

    Massimo Ramanzin New Member

    Dear all

    apologies for writing only now, after my first post.

    I have a Minix Neo X8-H Plus that I was using before buying an Nvidia Shield and I was trying to update it for using it on a second TV. I am therefore following and reading the posts in this very good forum since few days and I have to say I am impressed by the assistance provided. Sometimes I found difficult following some of the procedures but looking here and there I found some clarity and the outcomes were positive.
    I am experiencing some serious issues right now but I am confident someone will get to me with a good advise.

    Keep it up and thanks a lot for your great assistance.

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  2. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Welcome ! ;)
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  3. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Cheers !:)
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  4. Marm

    Marm Active Member