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Is it time to upgrade!!!

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by pye3142, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. pye3142

    pye3142 Member

    Hi all, I need so help and advice, I have a X8-h plus for about 2 years and it been great, I've just upgraded my TV to Samsung 65 KS8000 but not sure if the X8-H plus can stream 4K, as when i try it only use 25% of screen (top Left).

    1. So can the X8-H Plus stream 4k @ 60fps yes/no

    2. if yes what setting & cables do i need.

    3. if no a replacement that can play 4K @ 60fps

    Cheer John
  2. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Hi @pye3142 it probably is time to upgrade if you want to play 4K, you can get reasonable money on the used market for your NEO X8-H Plus. Here in Canada a used NEO X8-H Plus would achieve C$100 on the used market, and a new NEO U1 would cost C$170 from amazon. So you could upgrade for not too much money. You may also consider the U9 for a few bucks more, I was actually surprised when I just checked that a U1 is C$164.90 and the U9 is C$189.90

    The U1 firmware is a lot more mature though, so that's a consideration.
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  3. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    I would also purchase an A2 lite or A3 remote if you don't already have one !......a must with a Minix device in my opinion :)
  4. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    @pye3142 I would recommend the U9 With the A3, the device has marshmallow and hdr support, which your tv is capable of playing. I made the same transition from x8 h plus a few weeks ago and haven't looked back.

    Don't worry about u9 stability as the minix team are pulling out all stops to resolve issues as the community finds them, you may wonder why the box has a few bugs, but to be honest there are various use cases that individuals have but sometimes aren't ironed out on initial release. I'm sure you realise this given the fw version of your existing box.

    If you plan on selling the x8, I would suggest you wait for the lollipop upgrade, as it will then be able to use kodi 17, that would make the box more sellable. Unless you just keep it of course and connect to another tv, as the box should be more than capable for general use for a year or so.

    Out of interest, whats the tv like, as I've had my eye on the 55" for a few weeks and just about to pull the trigger - look forward to hearing your opinions.
  5. pye3142

    pye3142 Member

    Thanks for the advice, the U9 would be the nature choose but after reading some threads on this forum, it made me question myself. As SD and 1080p streaming was well below par for picture quality and at the moment 4K a bit thin on the ground, I was going to wait until FW upgrades.

    Snakebite, its a 65" and picture with 4K from you-tube via Panasonic DMP-700 is the best TV picture that i have ever had. to be honest it's a bit to big but don't tell the wife I said that. As for HDR only watched the new star trek movie was not blown away, it was better than 1080p blue ray but wanted more!!!!

    I have a air mouse remote think it a A2

    Will the U9 get Android 7?

  6. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    Yes - there are plans for nougat