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Just a disappointing

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by Wush14, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Wush14

    Wush14 Member

    People can slate me if they want but the whole u-9 is just one big disappointment from the get go just full of bugs and things not working again another 20 updates just to make the simple things work.
    I’m sorry minix but you’re products are no longer superior in the market and this will be my last purchase from you.
  2. scaramonga

    scaramonga Member

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  3. CcX85

    CcX85 New Member

    I've had a similar opinion on the U9-H and moved over to the shield TV what are you going going to go for next?
  4. Nunu Anip

    Nunu Anip New Member

    Yeah.. can’t agree more.. This u9 [Text deleted by moderator].. the latest update was just making it even worst.. adios minix

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  5. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Not every one want to move away U9-H :eek:o_O
    I also have a Shield because i test a lot of devices and it's not the same product. The Shield use Android TV and the Minix Use a pure Android.
    There's some software you can launch in Android TV (Netfix HD and some specific apps) but there's a lot of apps you can't !
    Try to play with the home menu in the Shield, it's a shame. It's so minimalistic, so blocked.

    You can also look into Shield forum, the bugs are all there :whistle:

    And for other products, search the bugs with Google too ..

    @MINIX - Ken has always listen to us about bugs. I remember the ++messages i send to him about U1 to have a perfect product, and it's now almost the case. U9-H is a very good product and will be almost perfect too.
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  6. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    don't waste your breath :whistle:
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  7. Harley777dude

    Harley777dude Member

    Minix U9 H is a great machine,love mine. Every android box has a bug every once in a while just like any computer or cell phone would and Minix is no exception however their support team is by far the best!
    Minix is my #1 choice!
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  8. scaramonga

    scaramonga Member

    Fantastic box, best I have ever owned, and I've had a few!, and paired with an A3, a dream :) Wife is even impressed, lol, so that says something :D
  9. Wush14

    Wush14 Member

    Yes but remember not every android box cost nearly €150. We are paying for a top end box but in fairness I could pick one up with same spec for nearly half the price.
    Plus there is many many websites out there willing to help with firmware and support.

    Obviously you’re going to get the people that like and people that don’t everybody has a right to an opinion when they buy a minix box in this case I’m one that don’t like this time around.
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  10. Harley777dude

    Harley777dude Member

    There are a lot of cheaper boxes out there and that's the main reason I went with Minix because the cheaper boxes were exactly that...cheap!
    I recently ordered a second U9 H box for another room at home.
  11. sangaz

    sangaz Member

    No complaints at all with my U9H
    Does all that I want and comes with regular updates.

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  12. virendra

    virendra New Member

    I will have to agree... After spending premium $$, you get a half-baked product. Not fair. The box may have a lot of bells and whistles, but what's the point when basic advertised functionality works poorly if at all? Here's what I found most annoying:

    1) Volume control on the remote does NOT work for > 2 channel audio (at least over SPDIF). Surely Minnix folks are aware of this?? Why provide two buttons on the remote for volume control when you don't even bother to test if they actually work?

    2) Every so often (> 1/2 hr) video playback from a file on my USB HD seems to stutter: you get snow or blue screen for a few (< 2 secs). Very irritating. It's some overload on the processor apparently, since if you go back and replay, it plays through.

    3) The implementation of FFWD/REV is a disaster! Another very basic function whose proper implementation seems to have escaped the attention of the Minnix folks! Even my TV does this with ease! Luckily some kind soul here pointed me to a fix: use the seek function on Kodi.

  13. Fluss

    Fluss New Member

    I had an issue with the Minix remote dongle case being unglued on arrival. I also had several frustrations with the U9 at first, also with the problems registering on this forum. Unless forum signup has been properly resolved, I expect there are lots of customers, desperate to post here in this very helpful forum, frustrated not being able to do so.
    Having said all that, I am quite pleased with the box. It does pretty much what is to be expected and some of the limitations simply seems to be a trade off for effectively using a phone OS on a non-touch screen device.
  14. jepe63

    jepe63 New Member

    Unfortunally i have to agree with posts above; the latest firmware upgrade is not an approvement. I 've got a lot of stuttering on Kodi and even when i play directly from my NAS it stutters....even my old Nexus 10 Tablet is doing it better (is almost 4 years now)
    I'm thinking of putting the previous firmware back on it (if it wasn't a lot of work to install al the apps and reconfigur kodi etc...)
  15. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    You don't have the good settings !
    There no stuttering with last FW.
    Choose HDMI level 1 in Minix settings and auto framerate at start / at stop in Kodi
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  16. jepe63

    jepe63 New Member

    first setting already on hdmi1
    second setting can not find it, please explain
  17. scaramonga

    scaramonga Member

    And what does Minix have to do with Kodi? Is that the devices fault?, or for that matter, the firmware revision?

    If you only get 20Mb/s download on your connection, is that Minix's fault also?

    Nothing and no to all!

    Do some research and learn how to set up your box properly, as regards Kodi/NAS problems, and it will really benefit you in the long run. There are tons of vids on the tube, literature on web, etc. showing you how to do this, there really is no excuse, and certainly none to blame the provider of your box.
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  18. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    well Minix are an official sponsor of Kodi..not sure what that brings to the table though :unsure:
  19. Harley777dude

    Harley777dude Member

    Not sure why everyone is having issues but my device and Kodi is working at 100%. Super happy with my U9 H.
  20. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I think it's better to ask for the correct settings prior to blaming the product...

    U9-H is the only Amlogic s912 series product with correct color output inside of Kodi and was the first to support frame rate switching & HD audio passthrough...