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kodi17 minix neo 8hplus

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by mick56, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Here are a new rom for 8h plus with this you can run kodi 17
    I see alot questions about kodi 17
    Do here a new post with files you needed
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  2. Kemp

    Kemp Member

    Can you elaborate on this please, there is a serious lack of information to work on. I'm certainly interested in getting Krypton running on the X8-H Plus, it's the main reason I'm waiting for HardwareGuru's Lollipop build.
  3. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Follow link download kodi17 zip put in sdcard and start box in recovery than you have kodi 17 running that.s all
  4. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Would kodi 17 then run from sd card or do it install to internal emmc
  5. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Internal for sdcard not public soon also from sd
  6. mick56

    mick56 Member


    Multiboot minix
    1. Download boot.scr (from the directory the link
    2. To write an image LE.
    3. Create the first section of the media directory "boot"
    4. Copy the newly created directory "boot script boot.src" (/boot/boot.src)
    5. Use the toothpick to activate the multi-boot.

    Request to all users of version Minix Neo X8H who have the console UART. Check this instructions on how to activate the multi-boot on Minix Neo X8H
  7. Bennett83

    Bennett83 Active Member

    So this is a fully working Libreelec?
  8. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Yes see post where to download image or zip file zip package update install on nand if you use image file with dualboot you can start from usb sdcard libreelec 17 kodi
  9. Bennett83

    Bennett83 Active Member

    I know but does it work properly or are there things that don't work
  10. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Yes working only wifi and 4k not working i compile a version know with wifi and 4k
    so if you need wifi or 4k you must wait for New version for the rest working properly install and if you have any other thing they don.t work post it here so i can fix it
  11. Kemp

    Kemp Member

    Shame, but this is no good to me as things stand. WiFi is essential, the Minix is in my bedroom and the router is in the living room.
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  12. t0ne

    t0ne New Member

    You can fix it with a PLC appliance, although you should spend some of money in it :)
  13. michel30

    michel30 New Member

    This tropic is really (y)

    I have some small question, for my understanding, before I will break my minix.

    First I take out my 32gb SD card, and I put on the SD card the file boot.scr in the map /boot/boot.src .

    I place back the SD card in the minix and use the toothpick to activate the multi-boot.

    What version of LibreELEC do I need to download for my minix 8 H plus and do I need to place LibreELEC on my SD card? in a special directory?

    Will the LAN works okay?
  14. michel30

    michel30 New Member


    It is not working for me at all.

    What I did:

    I put boot.scr on my SD card in the directory /boot/boot.src
    I also put the zip file LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm-8.0.0-update.zip in the root of the SD card

    I shutdown the minix and reboot it with hold the toothpick in the reset.

    After a while I am getting this screen:


    I don't see any multi-boot.
    When I reboot system now it starts in normal stage and also no multi-boot option to select.

    What do I wrong?

    Thanks for help.

  15. michel30

    michel30 New Member

    no one ?? who can help how to run multiboot on the minix?

    See my screenshot | one post higher.

  16. skinnybiggs

    skinnybiggs New Member

    i believe the boot.scr is for multi boot when you have used that tool to burn the img file the other one that .gz

    your file is used to update throught recovery of you already had a older version previously installed. you need the other zip file and then boot to that same screen and choose EXT then pick your update . if there is a option to pick usb or sd pick the one your using then you will have this installed on INTERNAL you wont have multi boot thats entirely a different process
  17. taki

    taki Active Member

    Your boot.scr only change and save u-boot environments. insert to sdcard (openelec, libreelec etc) minix boot from sdcard. Discard sdcard boot from nand ( android)
    If you want to know boot.scr you can look with text editor.
    Real dualboot only works on wetek. Because wetek uboot different than all other amlogic. Minix can be add uboot source but not want to do. Because only support android (only kitkat :) )
  18. nvaz

    nvaz New Member

    I flashed de kodi17.Update version and it worked like a charm. I noticed that screen resolution it's only at 720p.
    Is it possible to select 1080p?
    Does YouTube videos run at full HD?

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  19. stelladrinka

    stelladrinka New Member

    Thanks Mick, works well, only minor issue I have is the watched /not watched icons don't work. If this could be fixed that would be great. Thanks for the image.