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Custom ROM LibreElec 8.2 RC kodi 17.6 RC1

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by datrh, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. AxesOfEvil

    AxesOfEvil Member

    This is the img.gz (this is basically Demetri's build with my dtd):

    Here is the dtd:

    You might want to take your linux changes and put them into a patch in
    That would prevent you from needing a branch of kszaq's tree. I think it is easier to maintain the build if you keep changes isolated to the projects dir. It looks like it is only wifi drivers in your branch? Which builds is this needed for? I don't see this patch in Dimitri's build, and wifi works ok.

    Also, do you know which differences you have vs Demetris's build?

    I don't have a need for too many features on my setup (so I haven't tested pass-through, bluetooth, or dvb), but so far Demetri's build is working great for me (he also included the dtd so it'll be in his next release).
  2. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    you're right, this is something i need to do. I've not yet sorted all things.

    to be honest, i don't know and i don't plan to search the diff.
    What i know is that i will try to have a X8-H (what i own) be able to run the latest kodi version(as far as possible) and by the same way the X8-HP (gen2) and X8-HP (gen1) if requested.
    I've fight the X8HP for the minix community and i'm really happy that finally we got something working (wifi +SD boot).

    Sadly, there's a X8-HP (gen1).
    Like you know, DTBs have to be unique so i can't build a image valid for Gen1 and Gen2 at the same time.
    Gen1 and Gen2 shares the same reference board : m8m2_n200_2G.
    This means, if a image works for GEN1, it may/will not works for GEN2.(maybe a GEN2 may test demitris build but i would be really surprise if it works)

    About the surkovalex linux used to get the dtbs and the wifi, it was not a easy journey.
    most of the links refers to armlinux.ru(something like that) and the links are dead.
    i've search github of surkovalex and finally found a linux from the openelec 6.0 erea.
    it was something like linux 3.10.7x
  3. AxesOfEvil

    AxesOfEvil Member

    Unless there is some benefit, maybe there is no point in supporting the gen1 x8h-p. I don't see much point in having 2 builds going if there is no distinguishing features between them, and I'm happy enough with his right now. I don't know if Demetri's builds work for gen2 x8h-p or not (and I assume they probably don't work with the X8H).
  4. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    i will anyway rebuild the gen1 with your dtb.
    Tks for your test and feedback about my X8HP-gen1 attempt.
  5. svankan

    svankan New Member

    I vote for X8-H Plus gen1 support.
  6. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    will try to fix this.

    i will rebuild the gen1 with @AxesOfEvil dtb's. But i also think it's not a bad idea to test Demetris builds.
    If we can fix the SD boot for the GEN1 , i will be happy.
  7. Golden Avatar

    Golden Avatar New Member

    What's the easiest way to tell if my X8-H Plus is a gen1 or gen2?
  8. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    well ..
    1. it's an assumption , because it's seems impossible to get a universal libreElec image
    2. to test it , try the 2 images in post #1
  9. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    Not sure why this would be necessary when there is a perfectly good inbuilt automatic LibreELEC backup function already built in:

    Settings > LibreELEC > System > Backup

    Then simply SMB connect to the LibreELEC box and copy the .tar backup file from the Backup folder if you want for safekeeping.
  10. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    ahhh... ok tks for the info.
    post #1 updated
  11. datrh

    datrh Active Member


    Gen1 : let me know if SD boot works with @AxesOfEvil dtb's
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  12. svankan

    svankan New Member

    It did not work with SD boot.
  13. Tromatik

    Tromatik New Member

    Libreelec installed to X8HP's nand, performances are very good and the boot is ultra fast!! Functionally speaking everything works as on the SDCARD.

    On my side the only problems i've encontred are :
    bluetooth :
    • (pairing/connection issues (at least with xbox controler, which is working fine in android on the X8HP)) >> I've just noticed the updated image with bug fix!!! need to test that...
    power management :
    • power off seems to shutdown the box but no way to power on without unplug/replug the power supply (know bug btw)
    • side effect of the power off bug : CEC power on / off fonction can't work...
    @datrh : managing bug/issues and feature requests here is a complete mess, i would recommend to handle this in your Github repo. What do you think ?
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  14. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    yep, it will force me to get a repo in sync. i'm not yet used to github.
  15. djskorp

    djskorp New Member

    I used version v1.1 on my xhplus for now everything works but hevc video is stuttering and doesnt realy work

  16. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    which build : X8Hseries or X8HPgen1?
  17. djskorp

    djskorp New Member

    Sorry diidnt read the quistion right

    Its X8HPgen1 build i used
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  18. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    same issue with the v1?
    the only change which can impact the video capabilities is the dtb file.
  19. djskorp

    djskorp New Member

    V1 didnt give me network or wifi so i dont know that

    Or do you mean v1.1
  20. datrh

    datrh Active Member