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Loss of IPTV signal

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by alexz33, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. alexz33

    alexz33 New Member

    Hi guys, I live in Luxembourg and have been using Luxembourg Online (called LOL...really) internet services for over a year. The internet connection is with fiber and I think I have the U1 minix box to get TV through them.

    The issue I have is that since the beginning of using them, we have constant TV issues (pixels, freeze, no signals, sound jumps, etc). The image would freeze or get pixels with the message: 'sorry we have some problems with this channel. Please wait, we are trying to reconnect.' Please see the attached image for the message. This would happen on French channels, belgium channels, etc. Some nights the channels just wouldn't be available at all, with nothing but the error message and a dark screen.

    LOL has changed the box, verified it in their offices, they are unable to determine (or unwilling to tell me) what the issue is. I tried a pingplotter on the internet connection and we have no packet loss. They can't seem to fix it, other than saying 'well its IPTV so maybe its lag, just change channels and come back to it that might fix it. Of course, this doesn't fix it and is not a long term solution.

    Do you think this has anything to do with the Minix box or its the shitty network from LOL and I am out of luck? What diagnostics could I run? I am very new to this whole Minix box thing, but I know that LOL has installed a firmware on the box because it boots up with their logo and I don't have any native like android menus, its just LOL menus.


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