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Lost my remote, saved by RKremotecontrol app!

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by Myk, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Myk

    Myk New Member

    My kids managed to lose the remote for my my Minix x7 Mini, but I was able to install the RKremotecontrol v2.0.3 app on my Android phone and control my Minix again. I didn't have to install anything new on the Minix server itself (which would have been difficult without a controller).

    Bonus - the RKremotecontrol app is more responsive than the remote itself was! It does ask to connect to "eHomeMediaCenter" each time I wake my phone, but this is only a minor annoyance.

    Thanks to the Minix team for your foresight in providing native support for a remote control app.
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