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Minix A3 - play & pause functions

Discussion in 'NEO A3, A2 Lite Airmouse' started by Mrwirez, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez New Member

    Hey guys.
    I'm new to Minix, and having small learning curve issues with some things, so please bear with me.

    I noticed during playback on the Hulu Live TV app, the play & pause button does not work at all on my A3 remote. I have to use the back button, then go forward again... very much a P.I.T.A. !!

    It may-be the Hulu app itself, but has anyone had any problems with certain apps and remote functions?

    - Are there any updates or remapping this remote needs?

    - Do you think this a problem on Hulu's app/end?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I'm not familiar with the Hulu app, but remember these apps are primarily designed for touchscreen control, therefore when using an airmouse it is more than likely you need to activate the flymouse and click on a FF/RW icon or a progress bar.

    I don't think any amount of remapping will fix this, it is down to the app developers to implement these features.
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  3. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez New Member

    ok thanks alot... I was figuring as much, but worth a try.