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MINIX Launcher – Customization Ideas

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MINIX - John, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    As you may have noticed we’ve recently updated the MINIX Launcher – altering the icons and refining the overall design.

    We also intend to offer the ability to customize the launcher design – adding some new wallpapers and colour schemes to give you guys more choice, rather than having to use our default green/black theme.

    I am opening up this thread as we’d like to hear your thought and ideas.

    Share with us the wallpapers and colour schemes (combination of three colours) that you’d like to be added to the MINIX launcher.

    Please note, we can’t use any wallpapers unless we have the copyright permission of the owner.

    MINIX Launcher.png
  2. Kartick Vijayakumar

    Kartick Vijayakumar New Member

    • When using the Minix box with only a controller to control it, a home shortcut for 'Power Off' would be very useful. Currently I think we need to navigate into apps to do that.
    • When plugging external HD, on detection, an auto launch giving options to launch Kodi or browse through photos etc. would prove to be quite useful.
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  3. m6242

    m6242 Active Member

    The Minix launcher looks still the same. How do I update the launcher?
  4. helmy adel

    helmy adel New Member

    I guess if the movement of 3D icons shape will become a wonderful
  5. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    Minix launcher use the concept of "folders" and inside it you have your apps. But I don't have any additional apps and only use Minix as a media player. I suggest removing the "folder" type system and just use them straight as shortcut icon. It will make the whole thing less "empty". As of now some folder has no link inside. They are just empty "folders"....
  6. lalalala

    lalalala Member

    I agree. The best should be big icons to start programs like in w8.
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  7. lalalala

    lalalala Member

    I agree also about the need of 1 click power off
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  8. lalalala

    lalalala Member

    Another thing: let the user select base colors. That green is too cold for my taste.
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  9. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    What base colours do you guys want?
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  10. lalalala

    lalalala Member

    I do not know. I should try. But orange or blue are the first alternative to that green i can think.
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  11. Juka

    Juka New Member

    The base could be the same, but we could have options to change it (customization).
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  12. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    We should be able to down load the new launchers into our Minix systems. I own two of them, the Neo 8H Plus & the Neo 64z, I don't know which one I like better, but if I can have them both look the same, maybe it will not confuse my wife..lol Where the time is, on top, a widge to add the weather would be nice. Have one of those Icons receive local news head lines or sports head lines. Women might like the gosip from Hollywood. etc.. Give us the ability to change the wallpaper on the unit. We might want to add our own pictures etc. or a picture of the beach or what ever.
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  13. hpsims

    hpsims New Member

    I would like if we can have more "apps" visible in the folder than just five. Have the folder expand to include 12 or so apps visible at once without scrolling across. Thanx
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  14. Lanzalad

    Lanzalad Member

    I think its better to have the categories then a menu selection within each tile.

    Movies & TV shows, Live TV, Media Players, Music & radio, System, Utilities, Settings
  15. Bas

    Bas New Member

    Customization would be nice; colors schemes, create you own folders enevennsubfolders, or having the choise for no folders just launchers.... Would be nice to easily change between wifi and ethernet also......

    And a Custom wallpaper would be nice

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  16. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    I would like to be able to move icons around the screen to suit my needs.
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  17. Carlo

    Carlo New Member

    Hi minix, can u make the background changeble ?
    I would like if u insert an animated background and animated icons onmouseover.
    Can u insert also an icon with android settings, move icons ?
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  18. steve91

    steve91 New Member

    3D tiles would be cool - also you can move the power off to the home screen just add the app to the home screen to power off - this will save you having to go into your apps
  19. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    the 3D trend is over sir. This days everything has a flat design. Hahaha. Blame it on Microsoft.
  20. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Maybe a twist on the icons as folders setup. Maybe have it so if there is only one shortcut in the folder that it auto boots that when you click on it.
    eg: I only have one version of XBMC installed and in the XBMC folder so when I click on that icon it boots that straight away.
    When I click video streaming icon it opens up the folder as normal with the shortcuts I put in there.

    Interchangeable icons would be great as well as some more colour choices.
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