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Minix Neo U1

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by harmonyjim, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. harmonyjim

    harmonyjim New Member

  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

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  3. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    Hi @harmonyjim
    I can't speak for MINIX officially, but I can say two things.

    First, the people that run these forums have been extremely professional and attentive to their customers. Whether we run a site (AndroidPCReview.com is my site), or we're just an everyday user of their TV boxes (which I am as well), this forum has been an amazing resource. When you look at other manufacturers and how they respond (or don't respond, in most cases), you'll begin to appreciate what kind of company MINIX is, and how much they care.

    Second, I have a great relationship with my contact in MINIX's marketing department. It is their job to promote the product and get the word out - especially to those that can bring in new customers. That's what marketing does. So they might want to release the information to the "press" early in order to build excitement for a new product, or to let us know that a review sample is on it's way.

    I still feel strange calling myself "press" since my day job has nothing at all to do with my site, btw.

    As @Higgs said, there was an announcement on the official MINIX facebook page, and I'm sure they'll be an official press release here soon. Have a little faith. :)
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  4. red eye

    red eye Member

    So lets take a look between the x8hplus vs neo u1 vs neo z with braswell

    Lets start the match :
    I like the case from the neo z braswell :because its not plastic !
    It seems that the neo u1 have plastic case , why ?
    After see the case from the neo z braswell
    Turn back to plastic case looks a littel bit cheap !

    The specs between the x8hplus and neo u1 are not so important for htpc use
    Shure if u use 4k the neo u1 seems to be the better choice
    But dont forget that for the moment there are no 4k movies avaible on cd..
    4k is at the beginning , the technologys change every day ,
    So buying 4k tv is cool for pc for gaming in high end resolution
    But for movies this technology is to young for invest in 4ktv
    The day that we can buy ower movies in 4k like we buy the blu rays in full hd
    It was be interesting to buy a 4k tv
    This will take long years ! Why ?
    How many times blu ray exist ?
    Long time but they dont stop the dvd !
    Did you thing they will sale the movies in 3 qualitys ?
    Dvd, blu ray, 4k
    No , the coasts are to expensive
    You have just to take a look in internet to see that the
    The sale from dvd, blu ray shut down every year
    And the peopel have enough to re buy all time the movies because the support change

    The reality of the things are different
    The future is to have the movies online like ultraviolet from warnerbros....
    The movies are just avaible in hd .why ?
    Because full hd need a lot of hdd to storage it and
    4k the place you need to storage 1 movie is crazy
    So is 4k realy useful for normal users ?
    Is buying 4k tv good idea ?

    I start with vhs to laser disc to phillips cdi to dvd to blu ray, (vob to mkv)
    I dont want talk about the neo z with braswell because its windows but
    Usb 3, 2 wifi antenne and seconde screen out is appreciate

    Thats what normaly the new android box need to make a real difference
    to the x8hplus , thats my opinion

    Have a littel bit moore cpu and gpu power with a new android box is appreciate
    But this makes not a very big difference in using the box ,
    The gpu gives you better video quality , and game quality, its like changing your video
    Card in the pc ....

    Minix changed the name and this is cool !
    Finish the ......8, 8h, 8h plus that was be a littel bit
    Confusing the brain when buying a box

    For me this new box is the first step to the next box generation
    But the difference are to small that i change my x8hplus for this new box
    But we can see that minix works hard to bring as all the time new boxes
    And this is very apreciate
    So i am shure that we have not to wait long time to see a new android box with

    If i take this 3 boxes and must choose one i would have the neo z braswell
    With android !
    So i still wait for the next one and are happy with my x8hplus ;-)
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  5. victor@ss

    victor@ss New Member

    Seems like it's going to be huge. Can't wait for that slick box to sit beside my 4K TV.
  6. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    I'm struggling to see the benefits of the X8 H Plus... could the only strength be the octo core gpu?

    This might be a game changer for Minix. It will bring the unit to a more reachable price point for those buyers considering the cheaper competition, whilst maintaining cutting edge technology, quality h/w build and community support. If this can make Minix a household name alongside, dare I say the 'Amazon TV', then I'm all for it!

    Good luck guys!

    ...btw I would still love to see a release date for the Braswell unit
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  7. Snipemare

    Snipemare New Member

    Any word on whether this new model will support HD audio formats?
  8. Excited for this device because its a MINIX release but very interesting to see the price is double that of other competitors boxes with the same SOC. I can only imagine how badly MINIX would kill the competition if they ever released a Sub 100 dollar MINI PC.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Oddy

    Oddy New Member

    Agreed I nearly bought the wrong box off Amazon :eek:, as they all seem to come up in a search.
    Anyway with the arrival of the U1 I've put my x8-H Plus purchase on hold. (n)
  11. jamonbread

    jamonbread New Member

    Same here.
  12. Joebass

    Joebass New Member

    You actually don't need 4k movies on disk to appreciate 4k,
    You can simply stream them on kodi,so if you have a 4k tv ,so the new neo n1 would be fine if you have a 4k tv,as there are plenty of 4k films to see via streaming.
    Although I can't quite see the justification for myself to change my x8hplus to the neo n1, as I don't have a 4k tv, there doesn't seem to be a great difference between the 2 boxes in my opinion, be interested to see a proper comparison between the two,ie benchmarks before I decide to see if it's worth changing to the neo n1.
  13. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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  14. bartux

    bartux New Member

    The U1 looks very nice.

    It's already on Amazon France :)
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  15. dexter

    dexter New Member

    waiting for it to arrive :D
  16. David_Cole

    David_Cole Member

    Just got mine.... Working very well

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  17. nerofox

    nerofox New Member

    Arrived yesterday updated once - too little time - updated again today - everything seems fine but still didn't nave enough time to check kodi/minix xmbc versions. Maybe tomorrow
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  18. Oded

    Oded New Member

    after few days that i worked on the new streamer that I'v got with kodi 16.0.it did not woorked soft so I canceld the 16.0 and put 15.2 and now it's all wonderful!very fast ,stable, the WiFi very sensitive with good reception.