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Minix U9-H Hdmi spoof for DRM apps

Discussion in 'Development' started by Younique, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Younique

    Younique New Member

    Hello i have a Minix U9-H and i've found out that my minix is equipt with hdmi spoofing out of the box.......nice job minix :)

    Now i can watch television with my Ziggo Go app (former Horizon Go from UPC) on my minix. Now do i also have a Ugoos UT3s and it also has a simular feature called "Hdmi Mask" but that doenst work. I think it uses a non-root level even that the android box is rooted straight out of the box. Is there maybe a APK or protocol to achieve this same feature like my U9-H and bypass the DRM check and hide my hdmi state?

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  2. fiveskin

    fiveskin New Member

    Hey younique!

    I just got my u9-h and I don't seem to have hdmi spoofing working?
    I've done the latest ota update but still no luck.

    I'm trying to use my SKY GO account on my u9-h but I just cannot get it to run without flagging the error of "hdmi output blocked"

    I think minix solved this for the u1?
    I really hope it's going to be fixed in a later update as I'm currently needing to run it through a laptop
  3. Younique

    Younique New Member

    Hey Fiveskin,

    It works fine over here on my device. I also have the lastest OTA update.

    When i search the internet for this i see a lot of different scenario`s. Some say it works with sky and with the other it wont. Maybe this is per region different how they implant their DRM rules or version. Example: Previously when you bought a DVD in your local store it was published in your region. So America has region 1, Asia and russia had region 2 and so on. I don`t know for shure this is the story but i think this is how they aranged it. Same story with Netflix. Here in holland we can`t see all the same content as in america`s netflix. There for you have to make a VPN connection with a US network in order to fool the system.

    I hope someone at MINIX can provide us this implementary (APK?) For this HDMI & DRM spoof.

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  4. fiveskin

    fiveskin New Member

    SO you're in holland? What I might do is download the dutch apk for skygo and switch to a dutch vpn to see if it works.

    Although SKY tend to be hot on any work arounds, so I'm willing to bet that my SKY go account won't even work on the dutch version of the app.

    I have no problem with the bt sport app.....however bt aren't as authoritarian with their apps, so I don't think they disable hdmi out put anyway.

    I hope someone from minix is aware of this, as I think there was a similar issue on the u1 that got fixed from what i've read.
  5. fiveskin

    fiveskin New Member