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Minix update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by rmulraine, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. choco

    choco New Member

    I may have signed off too soon. It could be that the power supply is incorrect because the android appears on the TV and then U9-H unit keeps switching off. I have asked John for a new PSU hopefully that is all I need.
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  2. idlefriend

    idlefriend Member

    Most of the Indian apps are not working, I hope it will be resolved in next update.
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  3. essco

    essco New Member

    What about NEO-X8-PLUS? Last update is from 2016 ???
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    No more official updates for the X8 Plus.
  5. Lorelei

    Lorelei New Member

    hi, sorry can't quite find the right area for my question. hear it goes... I have u9H and the A3. realized that alot of the issues i was having was due to dsl internet first it was too slow, then when upgraded the speed helped but was still too unstable. for a week now have had cable int. and speeds of 60~70 all for the most part alot better. Now i can use better hd streams better then sd or 480.
    but!,,still having issues with couple things.1. minix ota updater has an update on it, i have tried a few times to update but when at the end of the update all i get is a dead android with errr comming out of his belly. so i assume i have some problem. the update is still there.
    2. alot of movies t.v. shows just crap out part way,, also kodi or say trillium will just stop working,,,crash
    it says check with ur ota,,well other then this forum there is no way to contact someone when u have any issues with ur box. this factor irratates me to no end,,almost 300.00 for the box and like the cheep budget boxes there is no one to contact. I am a disabled senior, spending money for nonsence is not in the cards eg. repair guy. This is why i had to crash course myself on utube to figure out how to program budget box when the big colapse first started. when everyone ran or reset their sites cause of federal charging started. I cant afford to pay some guy to reprogram my box every month.
    so any suggestions for the ota update or crashing? lol sorry long winded.
  6. Lorelei

    Lorelei New Member

    hello,, could anyone suggest how i might rec. my update. i have u9h with A3. i have tried repeatedly to use the minix ota update icon,, but each time at the end of the update i get a dead android with errr! comming from his belly. the update stays because it isnt downloaded. had my minix just under a year, well about five months this is the second update, first went on no problem.
    i agree not as thrilled with this exspensive box as i assumed i should be. this is only my second box not much better then my first fifty dollar budget box,,but i do like differant things about A3 mouse,and it isnt the speech thing although i assume it will be something down the road.
  7. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Customer support is available 7 days a week via support@minix.com.hk
    Though, please note we cannot assist with any matters relating to illegally streaming content.
  8. Gary’s

    Gary’s New Member

    I had that problem to so I unplugged sad card and any keyboards then it would update.
  9. KellyND1

    KellyND1 Member

    I can offer my solution to item #1.
    As the other poster said, if you have a SD memory card you.must remove it during the update. You can re insert after update.
    Other than that...???

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  10. jackie999

    jackie999 Member

    I'm waiting for an update as well..if I'd known the u9-h doesn't support Netflix playstore I'd have gone with the nvidea
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  11. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

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  12. jackie999

    jackie999 Member

    Yes, I'm using the 5.3.1 but there is no 5.1 sound, only PCM. Kinda defeats the purpose of spending $$$ on new sound system.