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my minix is original or fake

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by scrabble, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    Hello everyone,
    So I bought on ebay a "minix neo x7 mini" and only then through this forum, I discovered that there are so many fakes around.
    So I would like to know how can I tell if my object is original or a fake. For example if you place the serial number, can someone tell me something. Or there are details that indicate the authenticity of my minix?
    Thank You
  2. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    Return on the subject:

    do you think the fact of being able to successfully upgrade to version "NEO X7 mini firmware 011 (June 2014)" means that the Minix is original, right?


    GLELAN Member

  4. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    POINT 32: " our packaging for the MINIX NEO Series include a unique MINIX hologram, in addition to a specific serial number for your device".

    On the box I find all these details, but in the end, how do you know if the serial number is genuine?

    TNX Glelan

    GLELAN Member

    If you get the Hologram in the box it should be an official.
    Everything is working well ? So what else ?
  6. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    It all works well, they are also able to update it with firmware 011. I just wanted to be sure that my object was authentic.

    Thank You
  7. Adisopot

    Adisopot New Member

    What if there is no MINIX hologram on the packaging? ... FAKE? :(
  8. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    From what you read on the faq of minix seems that the presence of the hologram is important:


  9. arrow

    arrow New Member

    Are MINIX NEO U1 sold my GEARBEST site real? please help