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Need Setup Guide for A1+ Air Mouse

Discussion in 'NEO A1+/A1' started by George Hines, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. George Hines

    George Hines New Member

    Am having trouble setting up the Neo A1+ Air Mouse with the Neo X8.
    Can you post some guide to setting this accessory up?
    Some Trouble Shooting tips.
    User Guide is lacking in substance.
  2. ziad

    ziad New Member

    i have the same issue it should work as plug and play but it did not nothing works in the mean time i plugged in my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard to the X8 worked right away no problem
  3. Peacerich420

    Peacerich420 Member

    same problem here... the M1 was only plug and play...
    but when i plugin A1+ noting hapends... the blue light comes frome the A1 but noting hapens...
  4. alisaher2000

    alisaher2000 New Member

    Does anyone has the user guide please?
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator