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NEO U1 problems

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by ticktock, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. ticktock

    ticktock New Member

    Hi eveybody, I am new here.
    I have two units, a Minix neo x8-h plus and a Minix Neo U1 both connected to the same router via cables ( cat5/6?) I can see both of the TVs at the same time. The X8-h plus is stable and peformaing as expected but the U1 appears to be booting itself to the startup screen ( where the screen shows the Minix logo) after about half and hour of use. The cables have been changed around but to no avail.
    Due to the fact the X8-h is working correctly seems to point it is not the internet or router causing the problems. In addition when going into settings and selecting internet it goes back to the last screen rather than open up the internet menu. all the other menus work as they should. Thank you.