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NEO X8-H Plus. Custom kernel, ADT, android studio, modules, e:signature footer is wrong

Discussion in 'Development' started by MarkE, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. MarkE

    MarkE New Member

    Bare with me as I have multiple interrelated problems. I'm trying to get a touch screen working with
    NEO X8-H Plus and now think I need to alter the kernel. I have the following questions/thoughts.

    1) I don't want to compile whole minix OS just to change a couple of lines. Can I somehow just compile a module and inject it onto the box?

    2) Other tutorials end up generating ko files. Can these be reverse engineered to see what files are needed to compile the module/file?

    3) I have android studio on my PC. It can see my phone but not the minix box. Phone allows USB tethering and ADT bridge. How do I get ADT connection to minix box and will this allow me to push whole OS or module to box via android studio or will I need to set up some Ubuntu type platform?

    4) When I try and flash from USB, for applications like SuperUser I just put a zip file on a USB stick and can run it from recovery menu. They fail initially but then you can use menus to get to zip files manually and run them. When I try to modify firmware zip file I get signature verification fail or footer wrong? I'm guessing there is something in the zip hashing it's structure somehow to stop code being altered for various reasons. If I have to modify the kernel how will I get around this? Can I just exclude some signature file from zip package, or will I use another method of upload i.e. ubuntu / ADT?

    Hope some of this makes sense. Any help much appreciated.