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Neo X8-H plus VPN

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Rol, Mar 19, 2017 at 1:14 PM.

  1. Rol

    Rol New Member

    I am using VyprVPN for my VPN I downloaded there app, I make a connection with the VPN Server in the Netherlands, my NPO Uitzending gemist app ( Dutch television) stills see that I am outside of the country.
    How is it possible that also by 'What is my IP addresse?' the IP is still in France where I am?
    I even tried the VPN connection in the Android system (VPN connection) and I have connection with VyprVPN server in the Netherlands, but also here by 'What is my IP addresse?' the IP addresse is still in France. Even when I am connected with the VyprVPN server.
    NPO uitzending gemist App still says I am a broad.

    I also made a VPN connection to my home in the Netherlands, but stil my IP addresse of the Minix stays in France.

    I have updated the Minix with the latest version from KOT49H.20170119
    What do I have to do with the Minix that when I use the VPN in the Android system or the VyprVPN app that I get an IP addresse for the Minix in the Netherlands?
    I would like to watch Dutch television.

    Thank you for your help.

    I also notice that when I plug in my Remote Control USB Keybord the soundcard stops playing and I don't hear any sound anymore. This since the last update.
    Does someone has the same problem?
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