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Neo X8-H plus VPN

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Rol, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Rol

    Rol New Member

    I am using VyprVPN for my VPN I downloaded there app, I make a connection with the VPN Server in the Netherlands, my NPO Uitzending gemist app ( Dutch television) stills see that I am outside of the country.
    How is it possible that also by 'What is my IP addresse?' the IP is still in France where I am?
    I even tried the VPN connection in the Android system (VPN connection) and I have connection with VyprVPN server in the Netherlands, but also here by 'What is my IP addresse?' the IP addresse is still in France. Even when I am connected with the VyprVPN server.
    NPO uitzending gemist App still says I am a broad.

    I also made a VPN connection to my home in the Netherlands, but stil my IP addresse of the Minix stays in France.

    I have updated the Minix with the latest version from KOT49H.20170119
    What do I have to do with the Minix that when I use the VPN in the Android system or the VyprVPN app that I get an IP addresse for the Minix in the Netherlands?
    I would like to watch Dutch television.

    Thank you for your help.

    I also notice that when I plug in my Remote Control USB Keybord the soundcard stops playing and I don't hear any sound anymore. This since the last update.
    Does someone has the same problem?
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  2. nbl957

    nbl957 New Member

    If your VPN provider works like mine there will be a small file for each country they have servers in. Copy the Dutch one to your Minix device. Then goto Google Play Store and get the OpenVPN app (free). Run the OpenVPN app and point it to the Dutch file you copied over. That's it. Now run OpenVPN and it should connect you to the Netherlands.
  3. Rol

    Rol New Member

    I understand, only not totally clear how to achive it. Where can I find the small file for the Netherland for VyprVPN for example and into where on the Minix do I have to put that small file. Do you mean this small file : 'eu1.vpn.goldenfrog.com'. I already using OpenVPN aswell on the Minix but still not working, it has to do that some how I that in the Minix I have to change something settings but I don't know where?! Please help me to understand what you mean, then it would be great if we together would get it to work.

    quote: 'Copy the Dutch one to your Minix device'
    What dutch file and where into the Minix device?

    Hope to hear from you many thanks
  4. nbl957

    nbl957 New Member

    Well it depends on how your VPN provider system actually works. My provider has a separate small file for each country they can connect through. I decide which countries I'm interested in and download the corresponding file. Each individual file is located in the same folder in my VPN program folder. When I run the VPN program on my computer it lists the countries I can connect to which are, of course, the counties whose files I have selected to download. If I download every available country then I will see a list of all to choose from.

    In my case I took the country I was interested in, UK, and copied that small country file over to my Minix. Running OpenVPN app on the Minix which asks where it can find the details for my connection. I point it to the file I just copied over. That file has in it all the connection information, passwords etc so OpenVPN makes the connection and I have nothing else to do. Before discovering this method I tried setting up the VPN through Minix but never got it to work.

    As you can see this is a very simple method and it works flawlessly for me. However, it will depend on how your VPN provider operates. IF you have a similar method then it will work but it entirely depends on the availability of some small files for each country. My files are all "*.ovpn" files so the .ovpn may be a protocol used by everyone. Search your computer to see in files ending with .ovpn exist. If you find them your halfway there.

    Worst case is to text your VPN and ask them how you can connect an Android machine using OpenVPN

    Hope this helps. It is worth pursuing to get the connection you are looking for. Best of luck.
  5. Rol

    Rol New Member

    Thank you so much, but what is the different between the OpenVPN app where you can fill in your credentials, the vpn addresses of your VPN contract, the way I can make contact with VyprVPN and your way get the '.ovpn' file and import it in the OpenVPN app as you suggested?

    For example: On the Minix I have installed the app from he OpenVPN and the VyperVPN app. I logged in on the UK VPN doesn't matter which of both Apps' and I can use the iPlayer from BBC. So it works.
    Only with the Dutch VPN connections I have connection with the VPN server in the Netherlands, but the App recognise that the MINIX is standing in France. So the Minix give a signal to the app. Doesn't it not has to with the DCHP and the static IP addresses of the Minix? Because there the app can read that I am not in the Netherlands when I want to watch Dutch television.
  6. nbl957

    nbl957 New Member

    Looks to me like you know what you're doing so the problem lies elsewhere. Here is a quote directly from VyprVPNs site. After following these instructions if you still have problems I'd suggest you look into VyprVPNs blog for more info or help as the problem appears to be theirs.

    "VyprVPN can be a very useful tool in accessing websites and apps that are geo-blocked to a certain country or region. However, on occasion some services may state that you are out of the service area even if you connect to a VPN server in the correct country. There are different reasons for these errors, some of which are resolvable using the steps below.

    We recommend trying the following steps to see if you are able to access the service in question:

    1. Log out of all Google accounts on the machine. Google caches IP addresses, which may reveal your actual location.
    2. Disable all location services in your browser and any location services on your machine or device (GPS, etc...).
    3. Clear your browser's cookies, cache, and temp files.
    4. Disconnect and reconnect to the selected VyprVPN server location to obtain a new IP address.

    5. Connect to a different VyprVPN server location, if possible. If the service is only available in a single area, then you can skip this step.
    6. Change your device's time zone to the provider's service area and adjust the time to local time .
    7. If you are connected to a wifi network and have access to the router, rename your Wifi network name (SSID), appending "_nomap" at the end (no quotes). This will opt your network out of Google's geolocation services. You will need to reconnect your device to the new network in order to regain internet access.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee streaming services will work. There can be some factors in play on the provider's end that may prevent access to their service while on a VPN.

    If the website still states you are not in the service area after performing the above steps, you will need to contact the service provider for further assistance."
    End quote
  7. Rol

    Rol New Member

    At the moment I am back in the Netherlands in the summer I go back to France, where the Minix is standing, so then I can tell you more. Thanks for the big work.