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Product Announcement NEO Z64

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Gh0st, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    MINIX NEO Z64 Has Arrived, Presale Begins Today!

    23rd January 2015 - Originally unveiled at IFA Exhibition (Berlin) in September 2014, NEO Z64 represents the next generation of Intel-based Fanless Mini PCs supporting either Windows 8.1 OS or Android KitKat 4.4.4 OS. NEO Z64 shall be released with the option of either operating system being pre-installed, giving users complete freedom to select the OS that best serves their needs and requirements.

    NEO Z64 - Fanless Mini PC Windows 8.1 Edition

    NEO Z64 Fanless Mini PC Windows 8.1 Edition is an ultra-compact mini desktop PC with huge possibilities. NEO Z64 redefines the desktop PC, with its minute form factor making it one of the world’s smallest desktop PCs that allows for a vast amount of space saving options. Whether it’s a huge TV for enhanced viewing or a 15” LCD monitor suitable for tight spaces, the NEO Z64 can be discreetly placed out of sight. Plus, the eco-friendly NEO Z64 requires 80% less energy than traditional desktop PCs. As a space-saving, energy-efficient Mini PC, MINIX NEO Z64 is simply unbeatable.

    NEO Z64 Fanless Mini PC Windows 8.1 Edition is suitable for an incredible array of applications; whether as a personal multimedia terminal, a home multimedia center or for use in small enterprise offices. NEO Z64 truly is the ideal solution in the age of ‘cloud computing’ for those seeking a low-power consumption, high performance-price ratio terminal PC.

    An included 32GB of eMMC (5.0) built-in storage, 2GB of DDR3L memory and Windows 8.1 with Bing ensures the NEO Z64 Fanless Mini PC Windows 8.1 Edition is ready to run out of the box.

    NEO Z64 - 64-bit Mini PC for Android

    NEO Z64 transforms any conventional TV or LCD Monitor with a HDMI connection into a fully functioning 64-bit Mini PC for Android. Fully equipped with Android 4.4.4 OS (KitKat) the NEO Z64 brings the complete Android experience to the big screen; offering web browsing, XBMC, Full 1080p HD video playback and streaming, Internet radio, Android gaming and much more.

    NEO Z64 64-bit Mini PC for Android is one of the first media hubs for Android to be powered by Intel Bay Trail (Intel Z3735F, 64-bit). The utilization of Intel Bay Trail delivers a multitude of incredible features and benefits to the Android platform, especially the built-in automatic refresh rate switching – making it the perfect solution for all movie enthusiasts. Another fantastic feature of NEO Z64 is the impressively quick boot time, clocked at approx. 10-15 seconds – thanks in part to the inclusion of eMMC (5.0), which delivers a much snappier, more responsive user experience compared to older variations of eMMC.

    Please take a look in the new Z64 section for some answers to what will be common questions

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  2. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    Excellent news guys... but when can we expect the Z64-Plus with the following:
    1Gb Lan
    4 GB DDR3
    64 GB emmc
    USB 3.0
    ac wi-fi
  3. DigitalSoul

    DigitalSoul Member

    This setup with a Chipset supporting HEVC (X265) will be a difficult to beat combination :D
  4. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    There are chipset limitations. So the idea is nice but it wont happen.
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  5. SJshah

    SJshah Member

    These models seem great. But with all these new boxes Minix are releasing, will it affect support/updates/upgrades for all the previous models users have already bought?

    I'm not asking to be annoying, it just seems like you'll have a lot on your plate with so many boxes to deal with.
  6. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    I would not worry about that.

    *Even the older rockchips are getting updates by our crew. X7 allready released, X7mini currently in beta, X5 hopefully within a month, and shortly after that even the X5mini will be upgraded from android 4.2 Jellybean to Android 4.4 KitKat.Some are allready over 2 years old and still beeing updated.
  7. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Indeed and even the now discontinued G4 is getting unofficial updates in the form of the newly released KitKat firmware from @jukiveins
    Once the X7-mini, X5 & X5-mini are all up to date with their new firmwares there is not a lot left to do except minor bugfixes.

    All models will always be supported here so even though they may not need constant software updates the after sales support will continue as long as we are here :)
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  8. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

    Some media players based on the Intel Z3735F claims to support 4K UHD playback of videos, why does this only play 1080p?

    Ah, forgot my other question. Can I change OS now and then on a whim if I have the licenses for Windows 8.1? :D

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

  10. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

    Bummer. :) And what about the 4K?
  11. ha113y

    ha113y New Member

    can this neo z64 android support 3g usb dongle...or any other model can support it?
  12. Boobs

    Boobs New Member

    Holy shit, thats incredible. What about some updates?