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OPENELEC Minix X8/-H/ Plus

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by taki, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. taki

    taki Active Member

    minix team dont support but I give path to openelec for minix amalogic.
    only need your wifi chip and kernel config for minix. may be modifiy for s812 and s802 for minix.
    all based same. s806 android device use s812 chip
    first find to your android kernel config. that identifiy used all chip for minix x8-h-plus
    cat /proc/config.gz > /sdcard/config.gz
    chmod 777 /sdcard/config.gz
    unpack config.gz
    later merge your config to armlinux config. add your driver for kernel source. wifi binary fw remote conf. boolader.img logo.img recıvery.img etc. later compile new openelec.
    may be minix team support this for dualboot or sd boot.

    Kerber also has a deposit GIT :










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  2. taki

    taki Active Member

  3. pani100

    pani100 Member

    Great guide taki. Now all we need is someone experienced in roms to make a Minix OpenELEC rom to test. Unfortunately knowledge on how to create/modify/compile roms is limited to a very few. I am new to android and don't have a clue where to start.
  4. taki

    taki Active Member

    needed modificonfig for this hardwer and dtb file (there is point for devloping)

    Kernel DTS :
    amlogic-dt-id = “m8m2_n200_2G”;
    compatible = “AMLOGIC,8726_M8M2¨;
    Partnumber: KLMAG2GE4A-A00x
    Density: 16GB
    Controller: VHX
    Package: 169-ball BGA
    Package type: 2 chip (DDP)
    Package size: 12mm x 16mm
    MMC version: eMMC4.41
    Class: Class400
    Organisation: x8
    Voltage : 1.7 - 1.95V / 2.7 - 3.6V
    Broadcom AP6330

    GL852G - USB 2.0 hub controller

    Power Managemend
    RICOH RN5T618M

    CMOS Serial Flash
    MXIC MX25L1606E - CMOS Serial Flash


    ENTHERNERT 1000mbs

  5. peruvia

    peruvia New Member

    Ditto, great to see some traction in this space, really hope a working rom for the X8H Plus can be created by those with the knowledge & skills, sadly I have neither :(...
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  6. taki

    taki Active Member

  7. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    Because it multi dtb, try standard dtb in kernel meson8m2_n200_2G.dtd
  8. taki

    taki Active Member

    surkovalex can you support minix X8-H plus your git repo. I try to compile s806-812 but ../out.img not found and compilation terminated. I think that x8-h plus like your device s806-812. minix board has different 1000 mbit lan and ap 6330 wifi chip.
  9. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    Ok, I'l try....but I don't know, will work or not.
    Send me remote.conf from x8plus box.
  10. taki

    taki Active Member

  11. taki

    taki Active Member

  12. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    Recovery logo and bootloader from stock firmware.

    V1 ---- on origianl dtd from stock firmware
    Download this
    Unpack onto sdcard and flash via recovery
    V2 ---- on original dtd from kernel source
    Download this
    Unpack onto sdcard and flash via recovery
    Also you can try compile from https://github.com/surkovalex/OpenELEC.tv branch x8hplus
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  13. taki

    taki Active Member

    big thanks. you are adams. I will try it. How can cross compile dvb modules s2 liplanian for openelec. I can compile to add kernel config openlelec. but I want to know external v4l driver source
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  14. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    This firmware already contains some drivers dvb
  15. taki

    taki Active Member

    I have SU3000 ganitech dvb-s2 usb tuner. like
    http://www.gotview.ru/v2/spec-gotview-satellitehd-usb-dvb-s2.html (some pcb and board russian adition)


  16. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    If openelec working good (v1 or v2), I add this dvb driver in firmware
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  17. taki

    taki Active Member

    Work perfectly. wifi ok and ap point ok. lan not tested but it must be work. all time 1080p/60fps, (reboot after no need re setup change resulation) cpu usage 0-25 max. remote working (only dont work ok button)
    no warming cpu. no need cooling. I tested my tvheadend server of rk3188. perfectly play mpeg2 and mpeg4 avc channel fast zapping (conected wifi to wifi (minix x7 acces point). ( at this time do not use vuduo :) )dont try hevc. may be try next day..

    big thanks surkovalex.

    working firmware

    V2 ---- on original dtd from kernel source
    Download this
    Unpack onto sdcard and flash via recovery

    only need for me. How use openlec with sdcard (boot from sdcard like wetek no flashing nand) android and openlec. dualboot or use openelec from openelec
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  18. pani100

    pani100 Member

    Hi taki, can you try to explain a little bit better on this as not very sure?
    If flashed via recovery is openelec working?
    Is it possible to boot openelec from sd card - (dualboot) - keeping the android system as it is?
  19. surkovalex

    surkovalex Active Member

    minix don't have dualboot, wetek support dualboot.
    @taki which version you use, v1 or v2 ?

    For remote contorl config. Need copy from /etc/remote.conf to /storage/.config/remote.conf and edit him.
    After edit you can test, exec command remotecfg /storage/.config/remote.conf
    Code button can be found here https://github.com/codesnake/amremote/blob/master/keydefine.h

    for tevii s660 support
    v1 - http://amlinux.ru/image/20150115_ke....arm-devel-20150119234535-r20360-g2bbc99b.zip
    v2 - http://amlinux.ru/image/20150115_ke....arm-devel-20150119235023-r20360-g2bbc99b.zip

    Unpack onto sdcard and flash via recovery
    Do not worry, all user data are saved.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
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  20. pani100

    pani100 Member

    Thanks surkovalex.
    Still trying to follow but my knowledge is very limited, this tevii s660 is for taki's usb tuner, correct?