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Pcm only on external amp

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by rustic, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. rustic

    rustic New Member

    Hi there is am new to android boxes and kodi but am stuck with pcm input on my Yamaha amp. I have looked through the forums and tried the pass through. I have hdmi to tv then spdif to amp. The TV pumps out full surround when watching terrestrial. Last night I tried hdmi straight to the amp but still just pcm. I have tried xmbc, and other apps but no surround.
    Any ideas?
    I tried a 5.1 channel test on Google and had output through front 3 speakers but not rear.
  2. Johno102

    Johno102 Active Member

    You need to make sure on the U1 in Settings => Audio => Digital Sounds, that it is set to HDMI and not the default which is PCM. Also note after a firmware update it will default back to PCM so you will need to remember to switch it back.
  3. rustic

    rustic New Member

    Yep already tried that. It's set to hdmi and output device hdmi too.
  4. 1Fred1

    1Fred1 Member

    Set the TV audio settings to bypass.

    Also download a variety (2.0, 5.1, DTS, etc.) of the "Dolby Surround" movie trailers at the following link. Stick them on a USB thumb drive or SD card and place on your Minix. Then run them using file explorer. If those work (get 5.1, instead of PCM or 2.0), then you know your basic TV and Minix settings are OK.


    After you click on a particular trailer, click on the picture on the next page to play it or download it.

    You may be able to stick the same thumb drive in your TV or DVD player, then play from those for additional testing.
  5. rustic

    rustic New Member

    I tried going direct to the amp and same issue but I'll download the file and try that.
  6. rustic

    rustic New Member

    ok so downloaded and played using vlc player and tried through the tv and straight to the amp and stuck on pcm. so now im pretty sure its the minix box
  7. rustic

    rustic New Member

    if i switch the output to spdif then my amp changes and no sound select hdmi or pcm and just pcm appears:cry:
  8. rustic

    rustic New Member

    ok i tried it with xmbc and full surround so is it a source thing this was direct to amp it doesnt work on tv but cant find an option to pass through tv so ill have to go direct to amp.