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Pros and Cons of Android TV vs Android

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by maurices5000, May 30, 2017.

  1. maurices5000

    maurices5000 New Member


    I've heard people praise MINIX for having the best Android support. What are the pros and cons of Android vs Android TV?

    I'd like a better understanding of why this is a good thing or a bad thing. When is one better than the other?

    One thing I heard is that Minix gives full access to Google Play Store. That is all I know.

  2. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    Better - depends on where a persons needs and priorities lie....

    Android TV devices - nVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, Sony/Philips TV's etc:

    + Android TV Apps much easier to use with dead simple Wireless Voice remotes, no PITA Air Mice needed which mainstream, non-tech consumer hate.
    - Limited selection of Android TV Apps - sideloaded touchscreen Apps mostly will not work properly.
    - Locked down bootloader on ATV devices. Some like the Mi Box cannot be rooted at all due to SELinux security.
    + Tightly controlled App development which leads to much smoother integration into the Android TV interface and can then use underlying functions, like...
    + Better voice searching, that bring up results from actual Apps running on the ATV system vs a general Google search you get with touchscreen Android.
    SPMC (Kodi Jarvis) does this Voice Searching well. The upcoming Kodi v18 Leia will also incorporate Android TV voice searching.
    + GoogleAssist (voice) is also about to be added for Smart Home Integration.
    + Properly licensed Android TV comes with Chromecasting abilities
    + Live Channels App - OTA TV Streaming works - OTA TV is broken when using any Android Kodi Krypton
    + Recommendations Row that comes with Android TV interface will dynamically change, depending on what content you have been listening to0/viewing in Apps. Makes for easy to resume viewing and new content discovery.
    ++ Devices come with Netflix Approval and all the suite of required DRM for online 1080p/4K paid for streaming Apps
    + These streaming Apps come with up to 7.1 DD+ Audio output.
    ~ The 4K Streaming devices have to included HDCP 2.2 for copy protection which means all 4K HDMI connected equiptment has to be HDCP 2.2 compliant, otherwise expect problems.
    + Netflix will stream at 1080p/4K - some like the Shield will also do up to 4K HDR online streaming from Netflix & Amazon Apps.
    - No LibreELEC available for officially licensed Android TV Devices.

    Touchscreen/Tablet - regular Android:

    + As you said the full Monty selection of touchscreen Apps available from the Playstore
    + Touchscreen Android is a more "Open" DIY environment.
    + Usually the devices can be easily Rooted for things like PS3 game controller connectivity & more
    + Those like the MINIX devices that come with a quality Air Mouse and Mini Keyboard remote can easily use an Android Web Browser out of the box.
    - Air Mice are harder to use for the non-tech mainstream consumers. Co-ordination and concentration needed.
    ~ A few Android TV Apps like YouTube work on touchscreen Android when Sideloaded. A lot of others like ATV Netflix refuse to work.
    - Netflix Max streaming resolution usually 480p, can be 720p with a bit of "Massaging". App has to be Sideloaded. Audio in all cases is 2.0 PCM.
    + Quality Android Firmware box sellers like MINIX and W**ek, will add customisations to Firmware for increased flexibility.
    WiFi Spoofing, HDMI Spoofing. SMB Servers etc.
    ++ AMLogic S905(x) Android boxes can dual boot into a really good version of LibreELEC Kodi Krypton. S905 - U1 is an excellent LE device.

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  3. maurices5000

    maurices5000 New Member

    Thanks very much, wrxtasy.

    Looks like Android TV has a lot going for it. Any idea why Minix doesn't offer it?

    " Live Channels App - OTA TV Streaming works - OTA TV is broken when using any Android Kodi Krypton"

    Are you saying that we can't get Live Channels on an Android box. We need Android TV?

    "These streaming Apps come with up to 7.1 DD+ Audio output."

    Are you saying that Dolby Digital is not available on Android? I must have Android TV?

    I mostly want an Android box for entertainment. I'm a techy guy, so i don't mind the techy aspect, but I want TV and games so when people come to visit I can entertain them. I was hoping plain Android would give me the widest options but it appears that is not the case. Would it be incorrect to say that the Minix box is more of a computer and less of an entertainment system?

  4. krash

    krash New Member

    Funny... yesterday off topic, I was shopping for new TV... trying to decide, comparing Samsung MU series and the Sony XBR... talking specs and stuff.
    The sales guy was showing me the user interface on the Sony and brings up the Android smarts... starts talking about its Android just like a tablet or your phone, then he say in a low quiet voice you know what Kodi is.. you can download nad install it on this TV and stream stuff from the internet.
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  5. maurices5000

    maurices5000 New Member

    Krash that would have been nice information to know. I was looking at the MU as well from Samsung and that is what I chose. I wonder if i can do it with Samsung. lol
  6. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    I would say Netflix Hardware Approval would likely be a pre-requisite. But even then I believe you need a Android TV License which will also come with Chromecasting Certificates from Google. Google does not just hand out these certificates. Unofficial Android TV ROM's (like the WeTek Hub/Play2) do not have Chromecasting certificates as an example.

    Live Channels is an Android TV only App. I use it with the TvHeadend Beta App for Live TV on the Xiaomi Mi Box. HDHome Run also has an App that ties into Live Channels I believe.

    To get OTA TV and working Kodi PVR's you need to use Kodi Jarvis and the AMLogic Firmware still has have Amcodec Hardware acceleration available for reliable, high quality TV deinterlacing.
    Amcodec is still available in the S905 MINIX U1 in Android Lollipop and when using LibreELEC Kodi. There is no Amcodec on the MINIX U9 when using Android Marshmallow.

    Dolby Digital is available on all Android in general so long as you only use Passthrough Audio and do not touch the stream.
    Kodi itself can do all sort of things with Audio, it can even Transcode to DD/AC3.

    However to get 5.1/7.1 DD/DD+ Audio from those online DRM paid for streaming Apps, you have to use the Android TV versions of the App. ATV ones like Netflix will only run on Android TV platforms, plus your Hardware needs to be "Netflix Approved"

    There is a catch - to get 5.1/7.1 DD/DD+ Audio from those online DRM paid for streaming Apps, your AVR / TV / Soundbar must support DD+ Audio over HDMI.

    Regular tablet/touchscreen Android streaming Apps will only give you 2.0 PCM Audio. Plus they will be more difficult to use than the equivalent Android TV ones.
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  7. maurices5000

    maurices5000 New Member

    Ok this is so confusing. I guess one day I will understand more of this.

    Thanks very much! Its all new to me so there is a learning curve. I didn't know entertainment was so complicated.
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Just to add to your confusion! :whistle::eek:
    I have both Android TV and Android. I do not like Android TV per se, but I do quite like Android TV navigation for some apps! That is moving about with the D-Pad (cursor keys). Some apps offer this in their settings.
  9. maurices5000

    maurices5000 New Member

    Villa, thanks for your feedback. Not confusing at all. I hear that Android TV is easier to navigate and the D-PAD is often used. I think that is one of the reasons I'm hesitant to buy Yundoo Y8. For me since i'm not into gaming it might be better used as an android computer.
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    If you have a MINIX U9-H why would you want a Yundoo Y8?

    Check out this video at around 01:35 ;)

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  11. EdT586

    EdT586 Member

    I hate it when people don't use the correct terminologies !
    Android TV = nVidia Shield, Xiaomi MBox, Nexus Player etc...
    Media Player for Android = Minix, Zoomtak, MBoxes etc...

    Android TV is a "closed" limited Android format where Google decides which box companies can use this format.
    Media player for Android uses the fully open Android platform like on your tablets and smartphones.
    This is why you will see more devices with the Android platform than Android TV.

    To add to the confusion it is a common misconception to think only Android TV can play Netflix HD, this is incorrect.
    There are several media players for Android boxes from MyGica, Wetek that can play Netflix HD as well !

    Android TV is a racist and bias organization is all that I will say about them and I hate them with a passion. I hope they die an early death like their previous Google TV platform !
  12. Murtlap

    Murtlap New Member