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X7 mini Restoring Kitkat to Fix "Decrypt Storage" error

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by Mutt Daeng, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Mutt Daeng

    Mutt Daeng New Member

    A friend asked me to to look at his X7 Mini which was displaying a message something
    like "Enter password to decrypt storage". I've no idea which firmware was on the box.
    I decided to reflash the box with Kitkat v2.50. I used the RKFlashtool and successfully restored the V2.5 firmware.
    When the box rebooted, the following screen was displayed.
    It then entered a reboot loop, alternatively displaying the screen above and this one.
    After about 15 minutes, I pulled the power plug and restarted the box.
    Same thing happpened.
    Then I reflashed the box with V2.4 firmware and after a restart it went into a reboot loop but did not display the above screens. I then tried V2.3 and had slightly better results.
    The following screen was displayed
    After a while, the screen where you decide whether to use the Metro Launcher or Launcher 3 was displayed.
    After selecting Launcher 3, the box rebooted itself.
    Sometimes I got as far as getting into Settings, but once I selected something the box rebooted.
    Then I tried Kitkat community edition. This froze when displaying the splash screen with the developers names on it at startup. I thought the bootloader may be kaput, so I reflashed the Kitkat bootloader using the RKDevelopTool.
    Then I tried V2.50 again and got the same results as above.
    Then I tried v2.30 again and got the same results as above.
    All of the firmware flashes I did worked 100%. Some on Win 10 Pro 64 bit and some on Win 7 Pro 32 bit
    I'm now thinking it's a hardware malfunction.
    Anyone have any other views or hints?
    Thanks in advance

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  2. Mutt Daeng

    Mutt Daeng New Member

    Update: I was just about to give up on this when I thought about going back to Jellybean.
    I used the RKDevelopTool to download the jellybean loader to the X7Mini, then used the RKBatchTool to flash Jellybean 20140211 (version 010a) 4.2.2 firmware.
    All working now.
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