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Solved Audio drop outs while streaming 5.1 audio

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Official Firmware Releases' started by Marty, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    I was living in Minix bliss land on firmware 007 with Kodi 15.2 Isengard (HDMI to TV) until firmware 008 was released and all of a sardine I was being plagued with the split second audio drops when streaming 5.1 audio, annoying enough to start googling for answers, I was surprised to see it was quite a hot topic. As a side note the VPN logo would not illuminate green when connected which was annoying too but something I could live with.
    Woohoo Kodi 16.1 Jarvis is released, well as it turns out not so woohoo, same problem.
    Boyakasha, along comes firmware 009 I thinks to meself, these guys are good so it must be sorted, wrong it got worse if anything. So long story short, since the beginning of 2016 I have been pulling my hair out trying to troubleshoot this problem without success, I got to the end of Google in my quest and yes they do ask you to turn off the lights. I tried the official Minix XMBC with all its hacks and settings but alas it did't help either, I got to the point of looking at alternative boxes both Android and PC based, almost hit submit on a payment for a Nvidia Shield Pro (only because Minix will not upgrade the Neo X8-H Plus past Kit Kat) and then the eureka moment hit, it was working just fine on firmware 007 with Kodi 15.2 Isengard init!!
    So, simple enough task to flash back to firmware 007, or so one would think, I followed the USB Buring Tool method and again was pulling my hair out as the box would not be recognised by the software, more searching on the Minix forum until I stumbled upon a post by a clever spark that I wish I could thank but cannot find his post again, unplug the power, push and hold the reset button, plug in the power WHILE still holding the reset button then push the power button to switch on the box, all of this while still pushing the reset button, bang box recognised in USB Burning Tool, and I mean instantly. Firmware downgraded to 007A (20150924), Kodi 15.2 Isengard installed and guess what, yes you clever people not one audio drop, I sat the whole of last night watching to my hearts content without a single cut in audio, back to living in Minix bliss land, although this time I swear I could hear violins in the background, aaaagh.

    Disclaimer, Take Special Note:
    1. Flashing completely wipes all your data, it's a fresh start people, I am not suggesting in any way you do the same as me.
    2. I know certain addons won't be supported but hey I am getting my moneys worth on the Neo X8-H Plus until that time.
    3. No I have not been brave enough to try Kodi 16.1 Jarvis because this configuration works for me, end of.

    Love you all, bye.

    P.S The VPN logo is illuminated green when connected, just in case you were wondering.
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  2. Smartie36

    Smartie36 Active Member

    Well as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it (I.e. upgrading firmware or minix xbmc) lol.

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  3. Jani

    Jani New Member

    I had audio drops-out when I was watching movies, live tv even in games. So I tried what Marty did. I couldn't because I had "newest version of FW". Grrr!
    So I did that: Turn Minix off, press and hold reset button, turn Minix on, after logo showes up relese reset button. From menu i klik on "Wipe data/factory reset". What I was hoping was FW001, but it stayed at FW009(010?) 20160829.
    Well it wiped off all my data and a lot of unnecessary folders. Then I installed again SPMC and other apps. I put my Kodi-build into SPMC and ... and it is working well. First two days I tested regular sound settings (PCM). Not one audio drop-out. Now I changed sound settings to SPDIF Passthrough. First hour went well. I hope it will stays this way.
    Maybe we should all wipe off our masive data after three years of use?
    (sorry for my english!)
    BTW ... even Google calendar is now in colors.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Wiping cache is the 2nd best option to solve problems.
  5. fado5

    fado5 New Member

    Ken.. I'm having this problem since I updated from whatever the box came with when I bought it to 009, has been melting my brain! Updated to 010 a few weeks ago using OTA but the same thing.
    I have no surround sound or anything, just minix - TV via hdmi, TV - hi-fi via 2ch rca..
    You say downgrading to 007 fixed your problem? Do you think it was a surround sound specific problem or a general sound problem like mine? I'm having the issue with Kodi, YouTube and I think Pandora too so basically everything!
    I am running Kodi Jarvis now, will that be a problem if I go back to 007?
    Thanks man, minix are really pissing me off with this one! Was having little problems with original FW it came with, update fixed those problems but then I lost sound! FML!! Think I'll be saving my money and buying a cheaper box next time, at least I wont be promised support etc. and get nothing!
  6. Jani

    Jani New Member

    @fado5, do what I did.
    Turn off Minix.
    Press and hold reset button.
    Turn on Minix.
    Relese reset button when you see Minix's logo.
    Chosue Wipe out all data and reset (something like that).
    Chouse Rebot.

    FW will stay the same as it was before reseting. Aplications and data will be wiped.
    Install apps again, BUT UNCHECK AUTOUPDATING!!!
    Do not update apps if you don't need an updates!

    I did it three times. Everytime i got sound problems back after few days. Only last time not, since i don't update apps. Finaly I enjoy my Minix as we all should.

    To buy or not to buy Minix again? I don't know if other companies update their android boxes with newers os?
  7. Jani

    Jani New Member

    No, its not. It does not solve the problem ... not for second.
  8. fado5

    fado5 New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    When you say not to update apps, what apps do you mean? All apps or just Kodi or what?
  9. Jani

    Jani New Member

    All apps ... Google maps, ES File Explorer, Gmail ...
    Maybe first time only if you need an update.

    ES File Explorer is better original eddition then updatet - updated has no theme to change. Stupid, I know!
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  10. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    I've been having audio drops for a long time now. Tried PCM, hdmi passthrough and what not.
    The audio stops for a second or two, every 10 minutes and then returns. on various apps.

    After reading this post, I've tried both wiping cache and wiping data/factory reset.
    On the latest firmware - 10 (20160829), I still get audio drops when listening to the radio using Tunein radio.
    Haven't tested other applications yet, but I don't think it solved my audio drops.
  11. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    So, I finally got fed up with the audio drops and flashed with Lollipop (PROBOX2-EX+ ROM Android 5.1.1). This is not for the fainthearted so kids, do not attempt this at home!!

    I installed the Minix Launcher for the home screen and the first most obvious thing I noticed is that while browsing through the Minix Metro home screen there is an audio sound for every move between the icons, this never happened on any of the official Minix Firmware that I tried, the sounds were random. Same with the keyboard, every move and click has a sound, again this never happened on any of the official Minix Firmware that I tried, the sounds were random, sometimes a sound sometimes not.

    The main reason I flashed was of course for the audio drops during streaming on Youtube and SPMC (Kodi/Minix XBMC tried them all and all had audio drops), these now work to perfectly. The reason I am writing this is not to encourage others to flash but more for Minix to acknowledge that there is an audio issue with the X8-H Plus that requires deeper investigation.

    Right, time to flash my second X8-H Plus that resides in the living room, why? Because I can and love the Lollipop experience on the X8-H Plus.
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  12. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes The Doctor

    Are you streaming over WiFi or Ethernet?
    Just wondering.
    I have a 1Gbit Ethernet and stream Full-HD .mkv/.ts movies (1080p24) with 5.1 Dolby via Kodi 16.1 from my 'many' NAS and don't have any audio drops.
    Not saying others aren't having audio drops, but it's just that I've not experienced it.

    Generally for problem support you need to create a test environment where other people can reproduce the same problem you're experiencing.

    Sent from a Minix NEO X8-H Plus
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  13. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

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  14. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes The Doctor

  15. Mbuna

    Mbuna New Member

    I found the solution! It's working perfectly for me ... so far.
    First I uninstall Kodi.
    2nd I use the file explorer to erase any file on kodi/xbmc folder (I found one).
    last I install Kodi 16.1 again / on minix I set audio to HDMI / on Kodi set audio passthrough.
  16. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    I've just updated to latest firmware 20161222, which is described as minor bug fixes.
    After listening to tunein radio for a couple of hours, which usually had several audio drops every now and then, I can positively report no sound drop so far.
  17. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    Thanks for the heads up Ironman, there is indeed an update to KOT49H.20161222, downloading as we speak, I wonder why this was not mentioned under the
    X8-H Plus Official Firmware Releases section?
    Will give it a test run and see how we do......
  18. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

    Didn't solve my audio drops, went on to Youtube right after the update finished and the audio was dropping within seconds of playing, put my Lollipop back on and all fine and dandy.
  19. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    Marty ? Is there a guide explaining how to flash to your version ?
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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