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solved: IR-problem - two minix boxes parallel

Discussion in 'NEO A3, A2 Lite Airmouse' started by SaEt9000, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. SaEt9000

    SaEt9000 Member


    I have a question and I hope that someone here has a good idea.

    At the moment I have two different minix-boxes connected with my TV (U1 and U9-H). Whether that makes sence I dont want to discuss here ;) but at the moment and for the next months or maybe years it is a relevant setup for me.

    Both boxes reacting on all infrared signales from the matching remotes . (both minix-remotes and the minix A2 lite). Only the RF signals from the A2 lite are different.
    My target it to stear all devices with a harmony remote, what works really well until I use only one minix-box. With both boxes in parallel i start always both boxes with one remote. And that is it whta I would liek to prevent.

    Is someone here who has an idea what i can do? My hope was, that I could change the IR-sequence from remote and receiver in one of the minix-boxes but that seems to be not possible. Even with the A2 lite there is no option for the IR-signals.

    Am I the first one who has this problem or is someone here who solved it yet?


  2. dbareis

    dbareis Member

    Power the one you want on manually...
  3. SaEt9000

    SaEt9000 Member

    Thanks for your answer... that's really the easiest solution or better to say: workaround ;)

    Nevertheless I am searching for a more smart solution.
    I am wondering about the function in the settings menu "remote" - it is available on both devices. I can enable or disable it but I cannot realize any effect. What is it for and could it help me solving this problem?

    Is there an other valid option to start the device beside using the IR or pressing the power button (maybe something like WOL) ?

  4. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Both use IR to wakeup, perhaps you can put one box near one TV side and the other box in other side, and point the box you want to power on.
    WoL isn't a smart idea as you must set your Wifi on your smartphone then launch a WoL app to power on the box you want.
    It's faster to push one button and will help you to move from your couch :p
  5. dbareis

    dbareis Member

    I believe the android kodi remote apps support WOL, it would probably be easier to solve the problem that requires 2 players side by side
  6. SaEt9000

    SaEt9000 Member


    in the meantime I found a workaround for this "issue". As just mentioned before, i control my devices with a logitech harmony.
    The harmony hub has an option to add additional IR-blaster. One blaster was delivered with the hub, i bought one additional for 10 €.
    Therewith i could configure the hub to control with one blaster only the minix U1 and with the other blaster only the U9. Because it is based on IR-technology blaster and devices should have an optical connection only to their matching "partner-devices".
    That means i had to put the U1 on the one site of the hifi-furniture and the U9 on the other site. I put the blasters very close to the minix's IR-connections and now it works perfect. :)