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Suggestion on Develpment of new device

Discussion in 'Development' started by Rade Endekovski, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Rade Endekovski

    Rade Endekovski New Member

    I killed my x8-H with a 12v adapter and i suggest that in any new device you use a USB connector for DC input
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I suggest you just use the correct power adaptor that is supplied with your device! (y)
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  3. mobilepundits

    mobilepundits New Member

    New multitasking features on iPad make you, even more, productive. Siri can do ... And proactive suggestions make your device, even more, helpful.
  4. asagk

    asagk New Member

    If I consider, TV-Boxes could replace conventional computers in the long run, some stuff is missing. Actually I do expect small SoC-based computer will in long term replace average desktop computer for the most common tasks for energy efficiency but also cost!

    The major features missing, no matter what tasks a MiniX NEO might be used for, is mass storage and better audio support. So some SATA-interface for 2" SSD-/HDD-Drives along with a drive slot in the case would be great. Perhaps change the NEO-box size to have some more height at the same factor of length & width.
    It simply does not make sense to have a MiniX NEO and in addition some else for mass storage. A MiniX NEO should be capable of both, by offering SATA connection and some space inside the case where to place the SATA device. A 2"-device might fit well when the housing is just a little bigger and has some slot (battery-box style) where the HDD could be placed inside.
    This way having some hundrets GB mass storage becomes available without placing a second device next to a MiniX NEO!

    Also some MIC-IN is really missing at this time! Better audio capabilities / connectivities is very important and could enable various fields like recording, voip, ect. for tasks like video (mobile-phone-videos) encoding / recoding / editing, gaming etc.
    When the sound input/output is crap, or even missing at all, the spectrum of applications where SoC-based small computing hardware can utilize becomes very limited. So MIC-IN is in my opinion a MUST HAVE!
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