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The Writing is on the Wall - future of certain MINIX Android Boxes

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by mark2, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

  2. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Could you explain why you say the Minix U1 was doomed as a box just after it was released
    as you can read from my post above it works just perfect for me
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  3. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Ah please @mark2 take my words in the context I typed them :

    "So, if I was in the market for a box, the exceptional U1 would pop out on the MINX US website, it supports Lollipop out of the box and is the same price"

    I went on to say that as the U9-H is only ten dollars more on the same website then it is a better option.

    As I said, the U1 is an exceptional box, I was not knocking it but if I was doing research about the MINIX NEO X8-H Plus on the MINIX US website, I would see that the U1 is a better option and for that $10 more, the U9-H is the clear winner.

    This is a MINIX NEO X8-H Plus thread though, so if we want to discuss more, then perhaps another thread?
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  4. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    I get what your saying but the writings on the wall sounds like it wont work much longer
    i want mine to last a while yet
    I know its a MINIX NEO X8-H Plus thread but you mention other box models
  5. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    You both recognize this is an X8-H Plus thread so lets keep it that way !:)
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  6. no8080

    no8080 Member

    I know this is the X8-h plus thread, but to answer the comments, the U1 was released with an old version of Android compare to the current version at the time it was release, V7 was in beta at the time and at the time android was being changed to support IEC audio, which is now only what Kodi V17 supports. The U1 should have had Marshmallow, not lollipop. Most other branded, or unbranded 905 based boxes had Marshmallow, not lollipop.

    Officially AMLogic versions Android V5 and 6, Lollipop and Marshmallow do not support IEC, which means any box that does not have Android V7, nougat is capped at Kodi V16, which means a very limited shelf life. The kodi developers are quickly dumping support and anything to do with Android boxes that do not support IEC, just look at any of the audio questions on the Kodi forum for android, their answer is go to the manufacturer of your box, admittedly some of the android kodi developers do try and help, but historically they don't last long as kodi developers, and the comment for them leaving is down to the direction of kodi, lack of android support and general android is not wanted attitude, that has been going on for years with kodi. As long as Minix carry on their own Kodi, then it should be good. Which means this post is relevant to the X8-H plus, as Minix are releasing lollipop for the X8-h plus, hopefully with IEC support, as I would like to put it on my now old X8-H plus to use in my bedroom.

    It is only because of the work minix has put in with AMlogic that V6 marshmallow supports IEC, without Minix it would not have happened, if the U1 gets marshmallow then it has a longer shelf life, but to put it simply, Minix as far as I am aware have never released a firmware that upgrades the android on one of their boxes. So anyone who bought a U1 purchased something with an outdated OS, which is not normally upgraded, lack of Audio support for kodi V17, they could well have been left well behind if Minix does not release marshmallow, also, any x05 ARM chip is superseded by the x12 chip about 6-8 months later. The x12 chips are not generally replaced for 12-18 months. Hence my comments,

    The only reason the U1 has audio passthrough is due to the fact the chip, the 905 is so similar to the 805, which meant audio hack was quickly developed to support passthrough. And that is based on linux code, not android development.

    And to cap this all off, people are complaining about lack of support/upgrades/whatever from Minix, but without them pushing and developing their android TV boxes we would likely all be stuck with unsupported, buggy and basically unusable android TV boxes, I know, I started with one of them. Also, XBMC did not work at all on most Android boxes, the minix XBMC did, unless you went with custom builds, ie look at SPMC, this is needed to make android boxes work. Now google have paid attention and implemented the features minix and other developers/hackers have made work over the years. I doubt products like the Nvidia Shield would have been developed if it was not for companies like Minix pushing Android boxes forward, as main stream acceptance of andoid boxes would not have happened if they were not usable.

    Kodi V17.1 is the first release of kodi that works with vanilla android and supports 99% of the features, this has never happened before, we have always had hacked/forked versions to make it work.

    Android boxes are hardware SOC appliances, you can not change most things in software like a PC, which is software based. They are pretty much 1 hit wonders, to support something new, a new piece of hardware is needed.
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  7. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Hi, to get a few of us off the MINIX NEO X8-H Plus Forum I have created this discussion, just a thread to have a civil discussion about the new offerings and older Android boxes that are available in the marketplace.

    Invites to @mark2 and @no8080 and anyone else who wishes to participate and add to the discussion.
  8. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    If you agree I can most the related posts from the X8-H plus thread to here.
  9. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Yes, would appreciate that!
  10. no8080

    no8080 Member

    Fair enough,

  11. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Thanks to @Higgs for moving our messages from the other thread, now I can answer the @mark2 reply to me.

    This applies if I was searching to buy an Android box today.

    MINIX on their USA website have a special promos section, and my current box is there, the NEO X8-H Plus at $129.90 and even the X8 Plus at $109.90 and if I was in the market, I would pay the extra $20 and buy the NEO X8-H Plus which is a no brainer.

    But I already have one!

    MINX do a little trick, right next to the NEO X8-H Plus is the U1 at the same price and I would expect that on initial comparison, consumers would buy the U1. At this stage in the game the NEO X8-H Plus has a mature version of KitKat and according to the forums, will get a one-off iteration of Lollipop. The U1 at this stage, probably has a mature version of Lollipop and may/may not get Marshmallow at some point.

    However if you scroll just a little down the page, the U9-H is right there at $139.90 and now, the no brainer is redefined, in the next six months all the bugs will be ironed out and it will have a mature version of Marshmallow, and may/may not get Nougat at some point.

    The comment I made about the "writing is on the wall" for the U1 is based on the above observation alone, MINIX themselves are pricing the U9-H just $10 more than the U1 and consumers, if they do their research, should buy the U9-H and leave the U1 to the enthusiasts.
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  12. setopboxer

    setopboxer Member

    for whatever my opinion is worth, i humbly think no one shld be saving that 10 or 20 bucks, just go for the U9-H if u want a Minix.
    no point being enthusiasts if most people want is to consume and enjoy media on the devices, and not hating Minix for not bringing updates.
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  13. no8080

    no8080 Member

    And still the main point I have tried to make is the current crop of minix boxes, I think all, will run Minix XBMC 13.3.3, which means they will carry on playing media files for years, and that is what 99% of people have bought these boxes for.

    So they will be valid and carry on, Minix's version of Kodi 16 will allow users to run the newest plugins currently available and will give 2-3 maybe more years to usable life, again for 99% of people, who aren't likely on this forum, simply because they want to play media files.

    For example, my wife has been giving me grief over the new skin in Kodi V17 on my new U9, because the mass consumer public don't want change, they simply want it to work, if I could just boot to Kodi and get it to shut android down for me, I would do that, and skip the metro/android experience.

    I have found several bugs in the U9, some Minix, some Kodi related, again, not what the mass public wants. I am also getting grief because it is taken my new Kodi U9 3 days to import my library, some down to bugs in Kodi's library scrapers, mostly down to the sheer size of my library. The export process would not work, but that's a different story for a different thread.
  14. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    @no8080 I agree and you raise a good point right there that is often lost in the higher end tech talk on forums.

    I've been running XBMC for a long time, I think the first time being on my "freight train" htpc back in 2005 and it was being used solely for local media, I was excited when I bought a PIVOS XIOS back in the day for its's support of XBMC but that was a let down, then a MyGica box which was a little better...etc

    But enough history, in recent years I have been using the confluence skin on several devices, so when I installed Krypton on my NUC I found the estuary skin a big shock, but of course, confluence was available, so that was changed. However, as I was so accustomed to the previous Kodi, and I discovered that (for me) there was nothing new in Krypton, I reinstalled Jarvis.

    I like reinstalling KODI as it gives me an opportunity to clean house and just reinstall the addons I need, and though I have somewhat of a seasoned tech brain, I class myself as one of the 99% that you talk of, I have little interest in customization and have bought these two MINIX boxes to play media files, and they do that job very well, with a few perks/apps that are available to Android that provide a (slightly) smoother method of doing certain things than my 4 year old DC3217BY NUC will.
  15. no8080

    no8080 Member

    I had a mygica too, before a minix. I had several others too.

    I am a very technical person, by job and by nature, but my job is to break it down, often to none technical people and make it understandable. I built my first incar MP3 player from old PC bits in 1996-7, made an MDF case, made a 12V car PSU for the PC, used a numeric keypad, 2 line parallel connected LCD display and a FM modulator to connect to my car stereo, it used a state of the art (at the time) 8GB HDD. :ROFLMAO:. This was even before I had my first car, which when I bought I put in an awesome sound system, all built by myself, this was the time when in car CD was expensive and all the rage. I think I had a 3.5mm audio jack to tape adaptor as well at one point.

    I built my own DVD player, as they were too expensive, using a TV out card on my PC, and a region unlocked DVD drive.

    My next idea was a HTPC, I again built my own, this time upgraded to a clear acrylic case, laptop mainboard and VGA out, in those days movies were broken down to 700MB CD size, I only realised recently I still had some of my movie collection in this 2 or 3 CD disc size format.:LOL:, God I sound old. This was built for a friends electrical engineering final project at college. The teachers had no idea how to grade it, as no one understood the purpose of it, how times have changed.

    Early on I realised this would be the way forward, broadcast TV would die, to be replaced by the internet, admittedly I never though of streaming, as last mile internet bandwidth was too slow, but napster style connectivity was the way forward. So I ripped my DVD collection, stored the discs, using a large HDD, I think 40GB at the time. After several years, and many failed HDD I bought my first NAS, RAID 5 all the way!! Except I have had 3 unrecoverable raid 5 failures. Then Raid 6, then offsite backup!! As my NAS is so large it would not be possible to recreate the files should it die. So an offsite remote replica updated daily is my current solution.

    Now I am currently upgrading my media to X265 files, to save space, whilst upgraded to HD audio if it is available, a I have just upgraded my 5.1 systems to a 7.1. I have 30 odd terrabytes of files, ditched the UK TV license and Sky many years ago, I don't watch broadcast TV, instead my own library is big enough. Now I have an amazon prime and netflix account. This along with bluray purchases covers the legal size of my collection.

    The only way a new piece of technology, or new idea survives is that it is accepted by the mass public. This will only happen for 2 general reasons, 1) it saves people money, (illegal streaming fits here for kodi), it is pushed by the manufacturer so hard it is adopted, (think Microsoft pushing windows 95 onwards, in to schools/offices cheaply to make it the standard we grew up with. Erm, maybe even windows 3.11 and NT3.51. The exception here is that a technology that exists already is altered to perform another task. This can be adopted by the public as well, but technically it is not new.

    Generally a new piece of technology is not accepted simply because it offers a new feature. Well maybe it does now, as a decent chunk of the population are tech savvy, as geeks/nerds rule the world!:eek:, My reasoning here, betamax vs VHS. There have been so many better solutions, or new ideas that dissappear.

    Kodi has become popular in the mass market for one simple reason, it's ability to simply stream anything, which effectively boils down to it's add-on capability.

    Obviously this my opinion, as is all my posts. That's something I think people forget on forums, we know little of the persons credentials when they post, often causing arguments. Especially when you get people spouting out details and posts like they are fact. Myself, I have been in the IT industry since it started, with x86 no HDD amstrad, green screen PCs, coax networking, I still remember the LAN party days, :rolleyes:. Booting a PC from 3.5" floppies in to MSDOS 3. erm something. I did programming at Uni, electrical engineering, and I perform all of the manual tasks in my life myself, I mean everything, from mechanics on cars, DIY, building work etc. I have hired a total of 6 trades people in 20 years, I am a jack of all trades, master of none, and will give just about anything a go, except eating anything that is still moving, I draw the line there.
  16. bobwat

    bobwat New Member

    This is for people who do not want to upgrade to another box -
    FTMC-16.1-armeabi-V7a-Build-25 uninstall Kodi & replace with this ,it's the AML not rock chip.
  17. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Every conversation on this forum appears to converge on Kodi.
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  18. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I use BBC iPlayer and All 4 more than I use Kodi and if I use a Movie/TV Show app I opt for MX Player to play the stream. :D
    I also use You Tube and Chrome browser a lot more than Kodi too!
    Chrome has some issues (Context Menu selection) that I reported to MINIX a long time ago. I don't know if it is app or firmware related? But as it is a preinstalled app it would be nice that it functions as it should!
  19. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    The benefit of Kodi is that it allows you to integrate all your sources, internet and local, into one interface. Which is why I bought my Minix platform, to run Kodi!
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator