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U1 a2 lite air mouse not working/enabled????

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Wuggs3, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Wuggs3

    Wuggs3 New Member

    Hey everyone
    I decided to purchase the U1 today and spent hours trying to get the minix a2 lite air mouse working with it beyond on/off.

    This air mouse was used with my mmq oott system without a problem.... so I wanted to upgrade my box and use the same remote without any success and I've spent 8 hardcore hours now getting nowhere. And I'd return the box if the store was still open now... However, I grabbed the U1 in hopes of both Minix and Kodi support. So here I am asking for assistance to see if this remote and u1 box can and will work.

    U1 is updated as soon as I hooked it up...

    Other than reading and reading unsuccessfully, I have tried the Fn and y combination and the Fn and p combination... and put the USB dongle into my windows computer and that searches out and installs the drivers . ... but even then I'm not sure how to test the mouse/keyboard in a windows system?

    And I'm about to try the mxq Ott box again to verify the remotes proper function with it as it was last time I used them both together.

    So what am I missing??? Here's hoping we can figure this out please?

    Thank you
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    To test in Windows just activate the mouse cursor and move the airmouse around, see if the cursor moves as you would wth a mouse. For keyboard test, enter some text.
  3. Wuggs3

    Wuggs3 New Member

    Thanks. .. what I was thinking but after your reply I decided today to disconnect my existing wireless keyboard and mouse from my windows system to test the a2 lite and it is still unresponsive. Must conclude that the remote may have been dropped one too many times. ... and it's not the batteries . ..lol

    Thanks again for verifying the facts for me.... so I'm off to my friendly local authorized dealer to have them check the remote for me and to get a new one in about an hour from now when they open.
  4. Wuggs3

    Wuggs3 New Member

    Yay Minix... new remote... and loving Minux.

    Thank you Villa
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