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Custom ROM U1 LibreElec 9 Kodi 18 Leia

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by datrh, May 19, 2018.

  1. datrh

    datrh Active Member


    • burn the img to SD using LibreELEC USB-Creator
    • delete dtb.img from the root of the SD card
    • copy gxbb_p200_2g_minix_neo_u1.dtb from "device_trees" folder to the root of the SD
    • rename gxbb_p200_2g_minix_neo_u1.dtb to dtb.img
    • you should now have a root SD like this
    • put the SD in the u1 and boot
    enjoy kod18

    haven't tested this but this a procedure to enable games emulators in kodi :
    • Enter konami Code (Up Up Down Down left right left right b a) via Keyboard or Controller in kodi to enable the Game menu not needed anymore
    • Install game.libretro Addon
    • Install libretro-emulators you like (e.g. game.libretro.beetle-bsnes)
    • Place gameroms in a folder in libreelec and add this folder as Game source
    • Configure a Gamecontroller or use a Keyboard
    • Now you should be able to launch the Roms via the games menu
    source :https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/12196-libreelec-9-retroplayer/
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  2. Adam Foreman

    Adam Foreman Member

    Really awesome work, but I'm not sure if I'd use LibreElec because it removes the main Android OS redundant, especially when I don't have any issues with 17.6 on 2 MINIX U1's here. I'm tempted to try the latest build of 18, but I'm concerned it will not upgrade properly and have to wipe data, playlists, artwork etc just in case it corrupts it.

    From what I have read on the forums, it sounds like the development team are recoding a lot of the systems within it. It quoted 100's of thousands of old redundant code has been removed. But in its place more code has replaced it so its not as streamlined as it sounds initially.

    But, I do hope that 18 will be more flexible and less CPU / GPU intensive on Android. People have posted here on the board that they just can't get 17.6 to work at all without force closing.

    As I said previously, I run 2 MINIX U1's and have no issues whatsoever.

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  3. SaEt9000

    SaEt9000 Member

    @datrh thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Can you please tell us, what is the difference of this versions to the versions you could get in libreElec community (f.i. LibreElec S905 or CoreElec C905).

    I did some good first tests with LibreElec on my U9h (8.2...) - now I would like to know whats the best choice to start with it for the U1 ... ;)


  4. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    most advanced is probably the coreelec but it uses a "osmc" linux
    my version is just a first try (fully based on LE) but there's room for improvement.

    actually i'm more focus on the X8/H/H+ devices.
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  5. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    X8/H/H+ => ok
    working on U1....
  6. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    updates on request

    (each time i build a X8.. i build also U1 image as i own one)
  7. Hugo Almeida

    Hugo Almeida New Member

    Hi datrh,

    The file is no longer available. Where can i download it from?
  8. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    updated augustus