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UK TV Now Addon

Discussion in 'General Android Discussion' started by baxter, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. baxter

    baxter New Member

    Hi is there any way to make this addon work ! Thanks
  2. Saad Rafique

    Saad Rafique New Member

    Have same question. Following.
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  3. Savbmw

    Savbmw New Member

    Hi, I'm no expert but as I understand it this doesn't work as an addon anymore - you have to download the 'app' from the UKTV Now website. Visit the site and move to the bottom of the page, you will see 2 download links - I just used the 1st one. Once downloaded, visit your downloads and install it. It then sits amongst your other apps on your homepage, so you don't actually go into Kodi/XBMC to open it. When you first open the app you have to register (give yourself a name and password) - you only need to do this once - it will remember your details for your next visit. I've done this on both my android boxes (M8S and U1) and the it works fine. Hope this helps.
  4. nithish11

    nithish11 New Member

    yes simple you can do that by follow this uktvnowkodi go with that link and your problem will be solved and thanks me later