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Voice Sound too loud

Discussion in 'NT-1 & NT-II' started by -=Silver=-, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. -=Silver=-

    -=Silver=- New Member

    Got My headphone Minix NT-II in today,

    However the voice sound when turning the unit on or off is (way) too loud.
    This is also a point of criticism on some reviews, I found that out when looking if someone had maybe found a fix/workaround for this issue.

    As I havent found a solution on my own, I hope someone here will have a solution.
  2. -=Silver=-

    -=Silver=- New Member

    Seems this forum is completely deserted. No replies from anyone.

    I know for a fact more people have issues with this.
    If anyone reads this, please buy another brand. The sound isn't as good as some reviews describe. It does have a lot of bass. But the sound is far from clear. Considering the price that is what one could expect.

    The left ear has some high pitched sound, which if you arent playing sound very loud is well heard. Last, the battery doesn't last as long g as you'd expect.

    I'm sorry for buying this.
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    With which device(s) are you pairing the NT-II ?

    Personally, I have not had any issues with mine! :)
    Maybe yours are faulty and you should return them for a replacement.
  4. -=Silver=-

    -=Silver=- New Member

    No issues at all? Well I'm sure the voice sound is the same for everyone. It is quite loud.
    Pairing isn't the issue. Even if don't pair it, I have all issues described.
  5. Smileygc

    Smileygc New Member

    I have just purchased the NT-II and I noticed immediately, that just after you press the power button and before the voice is heard, there is a very load Beep. Is that normal?

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    Yes, it's perfectly normal.
  7. Hiro

    Hiro New Member

    I don't know how people can consider that been normal, its very loud and it appears when you less expect it. So I have the same problem with mine and I would like to know if there is something to do to put the volume when its turning off or on less loud?
    Thank you!
  8. Smileygc

    Smileygc New Member

    I agree it should not be normal - it is a shock when it happens and so now I tend to remove the headphones when switching on or off - otherwise I would be deaf after a dozen or so power cycles....
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  9. Hiro

    Hiro New Member

    Yes I also remove when switching off or on, but when is low battery it's my biggest problem, because don't know when this happens and the sound it's very loud.
    Maybe Minix can do a fix for this!