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VPN Kill Switch

Discussion in 'MINIX Requests & Wishes' started by Harmony1, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    i think its fairly safe and i don't worry about streaming as you are not uploading, but that's just my opinion
    if you want to feel less "naked" then the vpn route is ideal, but however good your vpn you are likely to suffer some loss of internet connection speed
  2. Harmony1

    Harmony1 Member

    Loss of speed with Torguard is minimum . Best VPN I ever used ... and I've used a few .
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  3. jameshouston

    jameshouston New Member

    It seems that your VPN is lacking an internet kill switch. You can use of the best XBMC VPN services, as they offer robust protection in times of VPN failures. All the services mentioned in this guide come equipped with an Internet VPN with Kill Switch to ensure top-grade protection against IP leaks and DNS leaks.
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  4. Marm

    Marm Member

    Always suspected that you were some sorta 'rogue', Villa. lol ;)

    Could not resist that one.

    Seriously and on topic I have tested other boxes that showed my VPN icon in the upper left hand corner if I left clicked on the screen while using Kodi. It is not a kill switch but is an easy way to know if your VPN is still connected. Note I use a stand alone application PureVPN and will never use an always-on VPN as I have some applications that forbid it . It would be nice if my MiniX boxes showed when my stand alone PueVPN application is connected.

    PureVPN does have a kill switch and the option to always use the VPN for some applications (Kodi) and to bye-pass it for others so you can run it in an always on mode. That does not work for me because for example my browser, I sometimes use the VPN and other times I must not use it.
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  5. LibelousEmail

    LibelousEmail New Member


    Learn how to use iptables.
  6. Marm

    Marm Member

    Unfortunately this comment does not help the average user of a Minix box who wants a quick easy to understand solution.
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  7. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I think @LibelousEmail is an unusual character! o_O
  8. Marm

    Marm Member

    So am I. Just ask my dog, wife or daughter but they must be a bit unusual as they love me. :)