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Custom ROM Wasser 3.0.6.Android Lollipop 5.1.1 rom

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by EagleEye, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. hnaht

    hnaht New Member

    I installed firmware 3.0.6 & kernel without any error, but sometimes my device auto shut down or auto restart when I play video. Anyone know this issues, please help.
  2. Molle

    Molle Member

    Maybe your device is unable to handle the higher clock speeds provided by the oc'd kernel. Try with the standard kernel which is bundled with the ROM.
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  3. hnaht

    hnaht New Member

    Thank you for reply. I reinstalled without kernel but sadly it still auto restart, shut down when I play video.
  4. KeongPN

    KeongPN New Member

    Hi EagleEye, my x7 was loaded with Wasser 5.1.1 recently & running fairly well, when try to install the new XMBC 17.3 from this forum thread, it stop to prompt that this is only for MINIX devices only, thereby it is not allowed. Wonder why it is not detecting my MINIX device.
    Can you please help & guide me on this.
    Thanks & Best regards.
  5. EagleEye

    EagleEye Active Member

    Xbmc for minix wont work because it is not a official fw. FTMC works great with RKCodec and SPMC with Frequency Switcher addon with both no Audio passtrough. No idea if LPCM works
  6. Angelo Calvo

    Angelo Calvo New Member

    I'd like to share my experience with this firmware. I install FW and the overclock Kernel, and my X7 works very well for 3 ou 4 hours, and then became rebooting with "wasser" logo turning over and never boot up again. Then to solve this i flash my X7 again,but this time only with the firmware (dont install Kernel) and it is OK for 5 days, so with my X7 the overclock dont work but the FW is amazing because it made the X7 faster, the only thing that dont work very well is the wifi, that only connect on 2.4Ghz, but it dont matter, thanks for the team that give a new life to our X7.
  7. radsag

    radsag New Member

    I did try to install this ROM twice. Twice I bricked my X7 (I had to unbrick this with '7-8 chip-pin' method. It wasn't easy; X7 didn't want to start at all very often).

    I used the USB, I load wasser and started flashing. All goes good, but on the end it said 'failed' in red - and bricked.

    Now I landed on 4,2,2 because I have no patience to continue.

    Is there any specific way to do this?
    I'll bet there is...
    Any help?
  8. Angelo Calvo

    Angelo Calvo New Member

    Hi radsad,
    What program do you use to Flash ?
    You install only FW or FW and Kernel? In my X7 the Kernel don't work...
    I've used an old version of Flash Program, that was coming with KitKat 250 Official FW and it works fine...
    The X7 is running faster and no programs... only the 2.4ghz wifi.
  9. radsag

    radsag New Member

    I do not remember ver. of Rockchip flasher. 1,7 or 1,8. To be honest I didn't check is there any newer.
    It failed first after FW. Didn't even touch the kernel.
  10. nexusray

    nexusray New Member

    guys help. i installed this but im getting no root access to some apps. any ideas?