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Wonky operation

Discussion in 'NEO M1' started by nam n, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. nam n

    nam n New Member

    My M1 Air mouse used to work amazingly, but recently if I leave it alone for a few minutes it would go crazy.
    The direction seems to go backwards and under and opposite and the only way to fix it is to restart the mouse.

    I tried calibrating it but it comes back after a few minutes.

    Is my air mouse dead?
  2. Cr00ked

    Cr00ked New Member

    I have this same issue from time to time. Cant find a reliable fix.
    Unplugging the dongle and turning the remote on/off seems to trick it for a minute, but just starts acting up again in no time. Like the remote is backwards and upside down or something.
    This is my second M1. First one had a faulty charge/battery system.

    No more M1's for me, sticking with a wireless keyboard w/trackpad.

    Cool remote, great idea, terrible execution.