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Official Release X5mini Kitkat 250 ( february 8th 2016 )

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini Official Firmware Releases' started by gufone, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. stojadin

    stojadin New Member

    HI, I have problem. I've tried upgrade but something gone wrong.
    After few restarts and second try of upgrading all was deleted, any help or something?
    Device is x5 Mini.

    Any help ?
  2. Joshgarcia

    Joshgarcia New Member

    Im a windows 10 user, I can't install the x5 mini drivers.

    Please HELP.
  3. WhipCracker

    WhipCracker New Member

    Tried compatibility mode? What specific problems?
  4. Joshgarcia

    Joshgarcia New Member

    I put the minix in flash mode, my PC recognice a device but when I install the drivers it not work.
  5. WhipCracker

    WhipCracker New Member

    I don't recall having issues using Win 10 to install drivers ,previously. Any chance you could try on another PC?
  6. Joshgarcia

    Joshgarcia New Member

    Issue solved with this walk around:


    Hint: For Win 10 users :

    For the ones using Windows 10, to get the drivers working for the full image load using Rockchip tools , create a file in notepad let's call it "fix.reg" (extension "reg" is important, the name does not matter) and copy these lines in it:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    Save it, double click on it, and accept all warnings. Now the Drivers will work. It should work for 8.1 also (did not try it).
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